10 Best Loafers of Fall Season

10 Best Loafers of Fall Season_alley_girl_11

They say beauty hurts, but it doesn’t have to. Toss your summer heels aside ladies. Fall is here, which means you can finally slip on your favorite pair of loafers. I mean, is there anything better than style AND comfort? Check out my picks for the top ten loafers of this fall season.

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Heart of Manhattan – A West Village Guide


West Village is my favorite neighborhood in Manhattan. So I decided to do my  next iconic New York shooting in West Village.(Check Times Square and Flatiron – Silicon Alley shootings.)

I consider West Village as heart of New York. The places you’ve seen on movies are generally from West Village. So don’t spoiled your New York experience when your path crossed to chaotic Midtown streets. One of the top cafes restaurants are in West Village. No doubted that most of the celebrities buy their house from this neighborhood. Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Julienne Moore just afew of them. (Check the whole list.) Of course West Village is the homeland of  TV shows. Sex and the City or Friends (was produced in LA but the building you’ve seen it from Village) actually  are the best known ones. (see below for addresses.)

I want to write about my favorite places in West Village in this post. When you visit New York, you can add these places to your agenda! Bedford, Bleecker, Bank, Christopher and Greenwich Streets are my favorite ones. You can definitely find cutest places around all these streets.

1- Magnolia Bakery (401 Bleecker Street): The creator of cupcakes! First seen in Sex and the City and now everybody is crazy about it. My favorites are German Chocolate Cupcakes, Banana pudding and Chocolate pudding cake!

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My love for Vertical Stripes


I love stripes but love vertical stripes even more. When I was a child I always glare my father with a passion when he wears his vertical stripe suit. He wasn’t suit guy, he barely wears them but when he wears a suit, he looks the most handsome guy in the planet earth.

So when I started to study business, I was so excited to wear all this bad ass business style like you see in Forbes magazine. I thought I going to become that business woman with killer serious business, style with killer Louboutin shoes. I do have those great dress in my first job. I was sales development expert so I need to be presentable to sell stuff. :)

I bought this vertical stripes and pencil skirt dress. That was my favorite dress. I lost it between Istanbul and New York after I moved. And still couldn’t find “the dress” after my biggest lost :(

To me vertical stripes make to total look extremely strong, masculine and bad ass if there are not that much color involved! And It becomes fun style when there are color join the look. I purchase this Mango dress last week but apparently I purchase one or two size bigger. I need to return them. While my return process is running I decide to look more looks with vertical stripes.

And I come up with this list:

Fun Styles

Sophisticated Shirts

Bold Colorful Dresses

Playful Skirts

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My Daughter Fragrances Giveaway

New York fashion blogger Alley girl My Daughter Fragrances Giveaway2

It was really great how I found out this new company My Daughter Fragrances. Sam is our lovely office manager in our co-working spaces. She was using this perfume one day in ladies restroom. And the smell was divine. I asked her if she can tell me her secret scent. :) She gave me one right away. She knew someone from company and she has one more spare perfume. She was so generous to give me one.

They have 3 different scents and the first one I tried is “Joyful”It was really great citrus touches. Joyful is made of orange flower, lime blossom, rose, jasmine and creamy sandalwood. I love sandalwood from Fatih’s after shave.

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Silicon Alley Girl Look

New York based fashion tech blogger_alley girl2

I want to share my Silicon Alley Girl look today. What does that mean? My blog name is coming from Silicon Alley and I finally made my Silicon Alley shoot earlier May when my brother was visiting me. It is long time desire of mine to make this photo shooting. This is the second post of my iconic New York photo shootings. (Check out Times Square Shooting.)

Silicon Alley name made out of Silicon Valley, California. It was originally located in the Flatiron District as Flatiron Building being center of high tech companies. Over the years Dumbo takes so many attention by tech people of New York. So you can’t really talk about one neighborhood when the subject is Tech. New York becomes overall tech startup hub years and years. Still Flatiron is always special for me. Because I came up with this name when I was working across the FlatironBuilding for newly establish tech school which teaches iOS and Android development.  Since then I wanted to do this shooting.

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4th of July and San Francisco


I’ve never been San Francisco before. I have never been in the west coast until this May actually. It has been 5 years now that I moved to NY. It takes time to start to discover USA. You know your first year in NY is crucial, you barely find time and money to go around.

Anyway, Fatih and I decided to go San Francisco this 4th of July. We actually did a house swap with one of our friends. They stayed in our place and we stayed in theirs.

San Francisco was my dream city when I was in the last years of my university time, I wanted to move SF after my graduation but honestly I did not like SF as I do NY. First of all the weather was terrible. It was too cold for the whole vacation. The city is not dense as NY. You have take to Uber ot Lyft to go other part of the city. Streets are so bare during the weekdays It is not chaotic as NY. I missed NY from the first day.

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Crazy New York – Times Square


We made this crazy Times Square shoot last month with my beloved brother. Whom follows me closely knows that my brother was visiting us last month. So I took advantage of him deeply :) We decide to do photo shooting all over the city. We started from Times Square to Flatiron District known as Silicon Alley (my blog name is coming from here) from Soho to West Village, from Central Park to Dumbo. Hope you enjoy my New York Guide for next couple of posts.

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H&M Mule Sandals and My colorful Office Look


I immediately fell in love with these H&M mule sandals when I first saw them in Summer 16 campaign bilboards. Colorful, cheerful and trendy.. I love the tassels. They make huge difference with all these simple sandals. Height is also incredibly comfortable. Because I am that girl who wants to wear her shoes all day long. It is important to have comfortable heels.
Some pieces are classy even though they are trendy. I can see myself to wear these shoes for years. I have two shoes like that from Mango and I wear them for 5 years this summer. I am neat person when It comes to shoes. I have so many shoes that are in very good condition and I can wear them for years.

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I love New york


I love this city. It is truly dream  city. New York is attractive to many young, modern indivuduals. I always feel so lucky to live in this city. I was lucky before I move to here. Before New York, there was only İstanbul for me. İstanbul was always my number one. Unfortunately İstanbul is destroy by ugly architecture and unplanned city development in last couple of years. When I visit the city now, I feel so sorry and angry. Because İstanbul doesn’t deserve this. It has been always magical city which connects Asia and Europe, tradition and modern. It has always contemporary vibe with ethnic beauty.

Some people says New York is the best place for bachelors and bachelorettes. When I talked to my single friends, they all agree on that. So people of outside world, you can believe in Sex and The City and all those romantic comedy movies about the city. You can find always something new in the city. I believe New York is the best place even if you don’t have so much money to spend for fun. You can definitely find someone to buy drink and you don’t have to be “woman” for that. because this city’s people are so friendly. They are not only Americans they are New Yorkers. True global citizens.

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Pump & Jean Look for Spring


It has been long time since I wear a pump like this. I love these pumps. They are from Ralph Lauren and I bought them 2 years ago from Woodbury “discounted designer heaven”. i was hysteric to see them $135 since they were $550 in retail stores. Woodbury sometimes has really great deals. I should write about my Woodbury experience separately on day.

I wanted make a sport chic look like this inspired by Something Navy. I told you how I love her style in my previous post. I literally love any outfits of hers. She has great taste. Even though I am not girly girl like her all the time, I still adore her style. I used to think that I am the girly girl kind but I do love masculine looks, too. She is one of those account I followed and check everyday. Because of this I started to know about her life. I know her husband’s and her daughters name. It is kind of insane to know a person without knowing each other personally. So I saw Brandon (her husband) the day in my office. My office door was in ajar and I saw him partially and I was like this is Brandon, something navy’s husband :) I went to talk to him, he was super friendly and cute and he wasn’t surprise at all I believe he is in this situation all the time. So we took this photo together to let Arielle know and tag her on Instagram.

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