Pump & Jean Look for Spring


It has been long time since I wear a pump like this. I love these pumps. They are from Ralph Lauren and I bought them 2 years ago from Woodbury “discounted designer heaven”. i was hysteric to see them $135 since they were $550 in retail stores. Woodbury sometimes has really great deals. I should write about my Woodbury experience separately on day.

I wanted make a sport chic look like this inspired by Something Navy. I told you how I love her style in my previous post. I literally love any outfits of hers. She has great taste. Even though I am not girly girl like her all the time, I still adore her style. I used to think that I am the girly girl kind but I do love masculine looks, too. She is one of those account I followed and check everyday. Because of this I started to know about her life. I know her husband’s and her daughters name. It is kind of insane to know a person without knowing each other personally. So I saw Brandon (her husband) the day in my office. My office door was in ajar and I saw him partially and I was like this is Brandon, something navy’s husband :) I went to talk to him, he was super friendly and cute and he wasn’t surprise at all I believe he is in this situation all the time. So we took this photo together to let Arielle know and tag her on Instagram.

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My New Favorite Skincare: TULA


Lately I am the queen of beauty products.
To be honest I was not the best person to talk about beauty and skincare products whatsoever. Of course I have products  that I am using for my daily skincare routine. But when I am lucky enough to reach  all these products because of my blog, I started to use them carefully to tell you my honest opinion about them. 

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My Army Green Utility Jacket Look


We are certainly living Spring this year. It is obvious from my thousands times worn utility jacket.  I shouldn’t complaint about it I guess, right?

But we are modern times people complaining about the rain because we are all so impatient to have sunny days. Can’t wait to wear our gorgeous new season embroidered tassel dresses. I am trying to mellow about this weather changes. I like to see rain because it is actually normal thing to have. Last couple of years we are certainly live in edges for both winter and summer. We have crazy snow storms during winter and hell like hot summers. It is nice to have this normality.

I worn this look during our weekend brunch. It is easy, simple chic. Perfect for weekends and brunch days :) It is still light yet enough to keep me warm. I am obsessed with this utility jacket during spring and fall. I worn it million times Other than I am so in love with my jacket, I am not that crazy blogger who wears different piece in every single looks. I am like you. I have 3-4 pairs of jeans max 10-15 top and 10-15 dress for whole season. I do love skirts, too. I guess I have 4-5 skirts. I’m only crazy about shoes. I have so many of them and I started to freak out about my obsession. Fatih keeps asking me, It is not going to work with only buying shoes :) I think I somehow manage to keep you interested in my looks anyway.

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One Very Bold Lab Day with LISTERINE®


Some people are bold all their life long. Me? It is little complicated but I know I can be bold as hell. Let me tell you my boldest move ever. By the way, when I say “move” it is a literal “move”.

As most of you know I moved to New York after my husband back then my boyfriend. I moved another continent after a 2 month old relationship.

Let me start my little story from the beginning. Me and my husband met 8 months earlier before we started to dating when we were both Istanbulite. We’ve never been clicked at the first place, we tried couple of dates but something was off. Afterwards he went to New York as tourist and he came back as one H1B sponsored luciky b*stard (you may not know that having a H1B sponsor is a real deal for non-Americans) We start to date miraculously when he came back to complete his new visa documents. I didn’t have any short term plan as going and living in another country at that time.

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A Stylish Tech Blogger in New York Tech Day 2016


The main purpose of my blog was talking about fashion tech companies from the city. This is why I called myself alley girl. The girl from Silicon Alley. That’s who I am. My blog evolved to fashion, style and New York guide after my first year with you guys. I still enjoy to write about chic tech stuff, though. I am known as stylish tech blogger now in the events I attend :)

The New York Tech Day organizer must have think same way. They send me a VIP pass for all day. I was thrilled to see the crowd. It was more bigger than previous years. I met couple of entrepreneurs and startups. I love them all.

Chic Sketch took my attention with their set up right away. This huge screen shows a sketch of me by co-founder and illustrator Emily Brickel Edelson.

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Red Blazer Means Spring is Here


Whenever the weather becomes getting better, I wear my red blazer. She is neither fancy nor luxury but I feel she has soul. (My followers know that some of my clothes’ have identity that is was I introduce you as “she”.)

Check my last year and previos spring articles from here and here. I don’t know I feel like I need to put color to my life immediately when spring arrives. Most of my spring/summer clothes are not so colorful but she is like my commitment to nature’s change.

I wear this time more classical way but I put my Clergerie shoes to give different twist.

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Best 10 EyeLiner Brands


Eyeliner is one of the most important element of make up process. I was fascinated by 1960’s women’s bold eye make up look. My only time to be close to this look was my Audrey Hepburn look back from 2012’s Halloween. I tried Edie Sedgwick’s eye line style.


I used to use only eye pencil to do my eye make up. Finally I am brave enough to use liquid eye liners. My sister love  everything about make up. When we are kids she forced me to become her make up model all the time. I hated back then to sit like puppet. And I couldn’t be whiny about it because she quickly became upset about me and refuse to play with me afterwards :) (Please share if you have same kind of stories with your siblings.)

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Knit Dress over Leggings


We live winter in spring, spring in winter. This shows us how horrific our climate change is. I was in big Spring Cleaning and bring spring summer clothes mode but unfortunately that fade away. I was so eager to buy new stuff from Zara and H&M. I want to share my spring shopping list in another post. Especially in Zara so many pieces reminds me Rossie Assoulin’s style which is great because I can’t afford her lovely design so I could give it a try from Zara.

Luckily I found this knit dress in Zara last season. And I made another look for this dress couple weeks ago. That was more casual chic mode. I got so many good returns to that look from my Instagram account. I love this dress’ texture and even though It looks like thin and not so protective for cold weathers, It is really warm for one those winter days, you want to wear skirt or dress so bad!

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Midi Skater Dress in Washington Sq. Park


I was shocked when I woke up to rainy and gray day. Nobody can stop me to wear my favorite skater dress, neither rain.

We had such a great time on Sunday with friends. We are all from Turkey and We Turks love our traditional Turkish breakfast. So we decided to go long time favorite place of one of our close friends. He insisted that Antique Garage the best Turkish restaurant in Manhattan.

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Young Fun Business Style


I just wrote about how I feel working in an office environment that with full of man employees. Fortunately my ruling is over. I have one intern which is female and then one developer girl who is like rare mine. :)

I always work in offices which are full of woman. This was first time for me. I was wearing more feminine looks now my turn, I can wear more casual stuff. Yet I love wearing masculine chic office looks. From the beginning of my career, I always love to wear serious more business looks. I am not very sure but I feel like business looks are more powerful identities.

Until I move to New York, My clothes was half with my business attire look. Mid level classic dresses were my on going choice for meetings and of course every kind of heels. As Marilyn Monroe says when I was in right pair of heels I could feel I could conquer that meeting room every time. But after I’ve met my husband, I inspired by his casual chic style a lot and of course New York is more laid back style city. They both help me to become more diverse style person.

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