16 Seed Funding Terms You Should Know Part-2

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You’ve already read my previous seed funding terms list. So I decide to make the list larger. It has been ages I didn’t share anything on my Alley (Internet) Talks section. This is the perfect subject to share.

  1. Due Diligence
  2. Friend, family and fools
  3. Exit/Exit strategy
  4. Incubator
  5. Initial public offering (IPO)
  6. Joint Venture
  7. Market valuation
  8. Merger
  9. Preferred stock
  10. Private equity
  11. Return on investment (ROI) (this is one is also important for digital marketers.)
  12. Redemption
  13. Seed funding
  14. Tag along
  15. Term sheet
  16. Venture Capital
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My first look for NYFW

As some of you know, I wasn’t here during NYFW. One of my best friends was getting married around same time and that period was also a traditional religious holiday back in Turkey. I always celebrate our holiday in New York. This was the first time I celebrate one of the holiday with my family since I came New York.

It was exhausting. Because of the holiday, plane tickets were so expensive. So we had to buy connected flight. I want to thank Swiss Airlines via my blog. If I didn’t fly with Swiss Air, I believe It would be even more exhausting. They have somfortable seating and nice crew. After Zurich, after Istanbul, we had to go to my hometown Adana where is in the south of Turkey. I check we spent 23 hours on the way. Inspiring, ha?

Since I knew, I was going to be away, I prepared this shooting with my dear photographer Arriana just before fashion month started. If I would be here for the fashion week, I probably worn this look for Ralph Lauren’s show.

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Sex and the Style – Carrie’s Best Looks according to Alley Girl

best carrie bradshaw looks according to alley girl main

I decided to write about Carrie’s Best Looks after I finished the show millionth times today.

I always wanted to put this title on. :) The very famous tv show might have called “Sex and the Style” after all. The show fed us with the great sense of style for six years and 2 following movies. (OK,ok movies were all label show) Carrie’s style in the leading role, we learned a lot of things from Ms. Patricia Field!

I may be the thousand person who write about Carrie Bradshaw’s best looks but these are according to Alley Girl’s eyes! I think Carrie’s and my style is pretty similar. Because we don’t have a significant style. We both wear whatever we want to wear on a occasion.

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Central Park – New York Fairy Tale

Processed with Snapseed.

Central Park is probably my favorite place above all. It is another universe in the middle of chaotic New York. I was one of those lucky people who live close enough to run in the park every morning. Those were the pretties 3 year in UES. (Check rest of New York Guide Posts)

I realized that New Yorkers are really proud of Central Park. Perhaps this is one of the best thing to be proud of. You know that most of New Yorkers are not the most environmental people but when It comes to Central Park, everything is different. You can see from most of the city is really dirty and mess but Central Park is kind of saved area and everybody is really respectful to nature and try to save the park in their own ability.

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All White Business Look

I did this photo shooting with my brother to show casing “business look”. I’m acting as fashion magazine editor in a very busy fashion week. :)

I bought this  Prada skirt last year from one of my Woodbury visit. And the Prada shoes are from my famous ebay hunting session. These shoes were very iconic during 2013 Fashion Weeks and me as poor (financially) blogger couldn’t afford them at that time. I look for cheaper one for I donTt know how long! I finally bought them 2 years later on ebay  just for $200. They were still around $400 in outlet websites like Outnet.com. And this extremely green clutch is probably my favorite one ever! I also hunted this designer clutch one ebay just for $40 that’s original was $325 (Yes, I mastered ebay game).

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Coffee Talks with Newest Yorkers *


I was thinking about starting this video series for a long time. I attempt to do by myself months ago for the first time. It was kind of disaster in terms of my editing and camera skills. When I was lucky enough to find Arriana, I was so excited about finally doing my youtube videos.

These are the questions that everyone asks; “How to Make it in America?, How to live in New York? or Is it really hard to live in New York?”. I got these questions a lot from Instagram or with e-mail. I still don’t know if there is one right answer to those questions. So I decided to find those answers with my friends who made in New York from all different backgrounds.

1st episode’s guest is one of my closest friends from Istanbul.

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10 Place You Should Visit in Central Park, New York

10 places you should visit at the central park_alley_girl_guide

I am living in the city for 5 years now and Central Park is my the most favorite place in the city. The idea of writing about this list occurred to me after this photo shooting we did at Central Park with my brother last spring.

I wanted to show him some hidden places other than famous places highly promoted in most of the Hollywood movies. So I decided to create this mix list with very famous places + my favorites. You might find most of them closer to Upper East Side because I used to live there so I generally visit this places when I run by park.

1-Gapstow Bridge

One of the best New York movie scene ever. When I first saw Gapstow Bridge, I had this feeling of living in my own Hollywood movie.

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The Vale Boutique and New Favorite Brand

Processed with Snapseed.

The Vale Boutique is one my favorite boutiques in Williamsburg. This store is the very first one that I’ve visited when I moved to Williamsburg. I was there last week to show to my friend some of designer boutiques. She was complaining about Dubai’s crazy luxury shopping malls (She works in Dubai). So she wanted to find some original and nice stuff with reasonable price.  Luckily she liked The Vale and bought two dresses, yet I was the one who bought more. And Fatih picked this dress for me from the brand called “Moon River”.

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What To Wear To A Fall Wedding

what to wear to fall evening wedding2

There’s nothing trickier than finding the perfect wedding guest dress. You have to achieve just the right amount of class without losing the interest of that cute groomsman. Fall weddings have become ever so popular – and we’re sure you’ll have your fair number to attend this year. There’s something romantic about the changing of the leaves and the abundance of crisp sunny days that just screams “love.” Take our advice below to always be the best-dressed guest at whatever kind of wedding you attend this season.

Take a look at our 10 picks for a fall wedding.

what to wear to fall evening wedding

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Dumbo, The Wall Street of Tech Guys


I continue my New York guide from Dumbo, Brooklyn. If you are planning to visit New York, So check my previous Times Square, Flatiron, West Village posts.

Dumbo’s popularity has started around 198os. After one of the most famous management company (Two Trees Management)  started to buy properties, people started set eye on this area and couple more neighborhood in Brooklyn like Williamsburg. It is obvious whenever artist go somewhere, that place become “the place”.

Some says first artist, then gay community finally tech guys discover “the places”. It happened same thing in Williamsburg, too.

I’ve never been a huge admirer of this neighborhood . The night life is not that exciting as Williamsburg, West Village or East Village. When you come to here during the day or weekends it has nice vibe, through. There is this flea market kind of bazaar near by Manhattan Bridge. There was this art festival but I think it was cancelled last year. What a shame. You see art everywhere on the streets for 3 day – festival. The very same company which made this place, “the place” was the key sponsor.

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