Urban Outfitters Elise Vanity Set Review

It has been two years since I purchased my beloved Elise Vanity Set from Urban Outfitters. My obsession with this vanity set is the world-famous Italian design of Luigi Massoni’s vanity desk and chair.

Luigi Massoni Poltrona Frau Dilly Dally Vanity, Urban Outfitters Elise Vanity Set
20th Century Luigi Massoni Poltrona Frau Dilly Dally Vanity Dressing Table, 60s $13746

I adore all elements of home design and decor from the 60s, especially the mid-century modern style, and this vanity set perfectly embodies that era.

It is both practical and chic. I discovered these desks around 2016-17, when I was pregnant with my twins. Given my impending motherhood, my priorities were different then, and I couldn’t justify spending $1500 on a vanity set. However, looking back, I think I should have gone for it. Hahah.

The same vanity set is currently priced starting from $10,000, making it a valuable investment.

I WAS SMITTEN when I stumbled upon this affordable version of Urban Outfitters Elise Vanity. However, due to financial constraints after the COVID-19 pandemic, I couldn’t immediately purchase this vanity set priced at just $599.

After contemplating whether to make this purchase, I finally decided to go for it.

Elise Vanity Set
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Vintage-inspired details with sustainable bamboo materials combine to create this standout vanity two-piece set. It reminds me Luigi Massoni’s renowned vanity chair.

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Product Price: 999

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Urban Outfitters Elise Vanity Set
Elise Vanity & Stool Set – $999 Urban Outfitters Elise Vanity Set

Does Urban Outfitters Elise Vanity Set worth it?

The Price

By the time I decided to purchase the set, its price had already increased to $649, with an additional $100 delivery fee. Over the past two years, the price of this vanity set has continued to rise. It was available online for only two months, then sold out or unavailable, only to return with a higher price tag.

I noticed that the price had increased to $799 after I purchased. Then, it became unavailable for more than six months.

Now, it is finally back in stock, priced at $999.

Urban Outfitters Elise Vanity Set
Urban Outfitters Elise Vanity Set

Is Elise Vanity worth $999?

Considering the price rise for unique furniture pieces post-COVID, the $999 price tag seems reasonable. Especially considering my obsession with Luigi Massoni’s version of this set, we can say it is a worthwhile investment.

Even vanity sets without significant design elements are priced higher, typically between $500 and $600. In my case, it was worth it. Additionally, it’s important to note that I purchased this item for $300-400 less than its current price.

If you frequently sit at your vanity to do your makeup or skincare routine, this piece of furniture will be used daily. Always consider the “cost per use” when purchasing something expensive.

The Quality of Elise Vanity Set

I have mixed feelings about the quality of Elise Vanity.

In my opinion, it is a bit wobbly, but the manufacturer provided a set of screws to secure the table in place permanently. However, I didn’t use them because I often rearrange my furniture.

The bamboo corners also make it challenging to assemble the set perfectly, as in the original designs by Luigi Massoni. Nevertheless, this is not a significant issue for me, as the nature of the materials adds a unique touch to each set.

The Design

The design is what makes this vanity set so desirable.

I fell in love with the original design by Luigi Massoni due to its compactness, practicality, and curvy shapes. It all comes together beautifully.

The design is particularly valuable, especially for those living in cities with limited space, like New York. Additionally, having a mirror that can be closed keeps your makeup table dust-free and allows you to hide the mess after a messy makeup session.

The Delivery

I purchased this set on August 8th, 2021, and received it on October 13th. My delivery date was postponed three to four times, but I wasn’t overly upset because they had notified me beforehand that there could be delays.

However, it was frustrating because I had debated over this purchase for months, and once I finally made the decision, I had to wait and wait.

Final Thoughts

Do I like it? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Is it worth paying $999 plus a $100 delivery fee? I’m not sure about you. I need to check the prices and availability of alternative versions, including the original Luigi Massoni design I have longed for. I would probably go for that option if I can find the original design I’ve been dreaming of at around $2000. However, it isn’t easy to find the Luigi set, and now I have seen two of those with the price tag of $13000. So Elise Vanity Set, I would buy it again with this $1000 price tag any time.

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