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5 New Year Resolutions for College Students in 2018

January 2, 2018

Writing about new year resolutions something I’ve done since 2010. So I decided to approach differently this year. Why not give back to others? This is how ended up writing on “5 New Year Resolutions for College Students in 2018“.

Do I keep up with my promises? Not all the time. But even writing about my resolutions is making me aware of what are the things that I want to achieve and that shows me my weaknesses, and ability to change things.

I have to admit that I am never the hardworking one. All my friends and people who know me always tell me that I am the quick-witted one. I think I have to thank my family for my intelligence, and my ability to solve things easily.  I owe my success to my quick-wittiness. Sometimes, I am thinking, I wish I haven’t been like this. This ability makes me think I am smarter than others and I don’t have to put so many works on things I’ve done. This is why I am not that hardworking person.

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If I’ve been more hardworking probably I will be in the place I really wanted to be. I think I really have a great life, despite my success standards. I am married to the greatest person on the earth, I have two healthy and the most beautiful girls, I live in the greatest cities of all, I am doing what I like to most. This should mean success right?

But I am still not quite there, In terms of What I wanted to be. I am 30 years old and I am still not adult enough.

So I decided to write these new year resolutions to give you some of my life lessons. I know you are probably smarter than I used to be but still if you wanna hear from someone older than you. Here are my 5 new year resolutions for college students in 2018.

5 New Year Resolutions for College Students in 2018

Live Joyfully

This must be your number one rule. Time really goes fast guys. Believe me, I tried it and you can’t really stop and bring things back. So since we have limited time in this world, Why postpone things? Do you believe me if I told you I am more and more afraid of things comparing to my college years? I was so fearless in those years.  But obsessed with getting a good job after I graduated. I was busy all the time with something to put extra to my non-resume. Such bullsh*t. I wish I’ve gone to clubs, concerts, vacation more and collect more joyful memories than more experience on my internships.

Because sh*t happens. The year I was graduated there was an economic crisis worldwide and of course, my country got affected as well. None of us found a job. Neither my friends who didn’t care about internships nor I who was obsessed with resume building!! At least they had more fun than I did. So live joyfully, we all do have limited time to enjoy this life.


You Americans are so lucky and sometimes you don’t aware of this luck. First of all, you have a passport that almost all countries in the entire world accept without any fuss. And you don’t have to do all these extra things like the people in my country. Even going to the embassy to get a visa and deal with all the shit they require makes to change your mind about going abroad for any reason.

And you earn in dollars. You have the advantage of your money when you go to other counties most of the time. And language! You don’t struggle with this language. Anybody can help you out if you go to Europe let’s say. Whatever you do and find a way to go to Europe in the summer.

Learn a Language

My friend Eugenie makes me think I was lucky about having a different language of my own. I am Turkish. So my native language is Turkish. When I am struggling to speak in English back in 2013. He told me he thought it’s awesome that I have a struggle because I have to learn a new language and eventually I am gonna learn this language. But he had this comfort of English so He doesn’t feel to learn a new language.

Whatever you do change your mind in this. First of all, when you learn a new language, It’s not just a way of communication but a whole new world. You learn that language’s culture, historical background and the way of thinking. I love to expand my world when I learn a new word in English every day. You don’t have that feeling when you only speak one language. Plus, It helps you to find a job. 🙂

5 New Year Resolutions for College Students in 2018

Be an Entrepreneur

I have another flaw in my smartness. I always assume things and try to foresee things. Don’t do that. When  I have an idea, I always kill my ideas with too many questions. I wanted to create a fashion blog back in 2011 when I first come to NY. Right away, I kill my idea because I thought there are so many fashion blogs so people don’t need one more. I haven’t been any more mistaken.

I started Alley Girl ~ New York, Fashion Technology Blog, at the end of 2013. I’ve started only writing about fashion technology startup from New York and show how fashion companies incorporated the internet technology in their business. I wasn’t into style looks at all. When I decided to share my lifestyle on my Instagram account, I realize people more interested in my look, my life than fashion technology only.

Just start things when you have an idea. Don’t assume things like I do. Don’t think you can lose time as I thought so. Do you have better plans or things to do? No? So you don’t lose time but gain new experiences on the way of success or failure.

Have a Daily Plan

Ok, this one is really hard. I am 30 years old and I still can’t keep up with my weekly plans. Maybe It’s because I am trying to have this habit at the age of 30. Perhaps It’s easier when you are younger to have these kinds of habits.

Don’t overthink when I tell you to have a daily plan. You should have at least one useful thing to complete. This can be a writing a blog post, learning a new word, meeting a friend that you don’t meet for a long time. Just try to complete a task every single day. Big or small doesn’t matter. The matter is you just complete something no matter what happened on that day.

The easier way to do this, make a list the things you can complete and mix match that though the week. Here is an example:

Learn a new word,
Make a compliment to someone you don’t know,
Make a new friend,
Meet X friend,
Write a diary or blog post,
Read an article about X day’s news,
Make a long walk just to think,
Eat healthy just for a day,
Learn how to say “hello” or “love” in a different language,
Do yoga or meditate,
Water a plant somewhere, etc etc

I am very glad I decided to write about my new year resolutions in a different way this year. I just decided to challenge myself with 365 days, 365 blog posts in this year. That could be hard sometimes, so please give me subjects in the comments section to think and write about.

I hope you enjoy my 5 new year resolutions for college students in 2018. Please add your 5 most important ideas about 2018 life goals.