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2017 Resolutions and How to Remain True to Them

December 26, 2016

I hate writing about resolutions. But I can’t live the idea of being without a list. So I do my resolution lists every year no matter what I accomplished the previous year or not. This year I also wrote about my previous year summary. It is basically what happened in 2016.

Resolutions of 2017

-After my miscarriages I didn’t go to jogging or even gym, I do yoga maybe 5 times? Whatever happened, don’t punish your body.

-All my body fat goes to my tights and my belly. Eat more healthy, cut the f*cking sugar, girl!!

-I’m gonna do off-screen Sundays. I’ll tell you what this is in a separate post.

-To support my off-screen day, I’ll do more DIY stuff. I started this last year.

-Don’t gonna buy seasonal trends. I’m getting better in this one. I didn’t buy anything velvet and those high knee boots and sock boots this year. But I wanna be even better in this one.

-I want to travel more this year. Here my first 5 choices of countries…

  1. Thailand
  2. Mongolia
  3. England & Scotland
  4. Norway
  5. Austria

– Why don’t you go to classical music concerts more

– Go to classical music concerts more. You love it and you know it.

– Write more about technology. I’m always cheating in this one in the sake of more clicks (shame on me). At least, I’m admitting and promise to be better. 🙂

– Write more. Doesn’t matter, blog post or diary or book.

– Write with actual pen and paper. Start to use that glass pen that you bought it from Germany last year.

-Or just use that very old typewriter to feel like a douche bag. (Perhaps I need  a pair of thick glass frame that 1950’s writers used to wear.)

-Start to Jane Austen 5 years book. (I was waiting for January 1st to start that, bought it from San Francisco trip, I add similar version in below)

-Finish the research process of the book.

If I remember more resolutions, I’ll add during January. Keep this in mind, I’ll wait for your resolutions you may bring some things to my mind to add my list.