Rehearsal Dinner Dress, After Party Wedding Dresses

22 Exquisite Rehearsal Dinner Dress & After Party Wedding Dresses You will Love

If I only got married when this tradition was set. I know It is a lot of expense to have multiple dresses throughout the wedding, but at the same time, for brides like me, It’s a great option to wear alternatives for your biggest day. Since I was a kid, I always thought I would wear a princess dress, but when my wedding came, I found princess dresses too bulky. So I decided to go with a mermaid dress, but I sometimes still think that that was my only chance to wear a fluffy, big princess-like dress and train. 🙂

I got married in 2013, and back then, having multiple dresses wasn’t as common. But I did change my hairstyle for my actual wedding. I had 20s-inspired veils like Kate Moss’ so we removed my veil and changed my hairstyle for the rest of the evening, but I kept my beautiful dress for the whole time.

Rehearsal Dinner Dress, After Party Wedding Dresses
My wedding veil was custom-made, I wish I could have find option like below.
Cyrus Veil – $298

So, for this age, brides can actually wear a lot of different dresses. For the wedding night, I hear even five different dress changes. I think that’s a bit far fetch, even for me. I think three dresses are the most sensible: one for the ceremony, one for the first dance, one for mealtime (not many dances involved) and one for party time.

For the ceremony, I think you should go big with the volume of your dress and design details: big veil, big train, pompous dress, etc., or even go big with the spark amount.

For the grand entrance and dinner time, you can wear an elegant dress in a mermaid shape or chic modern cuts.

And for after-party time, go with all the funds like feather details or stones, super mini dress length, etc.

Rehearsal Dinner Dress, After Party Wedding Dresses
My hairstyle is totally different from what I had for my ceremony. The ribbons are a traditional thing we do in Turkey.

But today, I will discuss more after party wedding dresses, rehearsal dinner dresses, and bachelorette party dress ideas with you. These other occasions are also crucial for the best possible dress ideas.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Choosing the right rehearsal dinner dress can be challenging. It really depends on your personlaity, style and what kind of wedding you are having. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect one:

  1. Consider the Venue: Make sure your dress suits the location and formality of the event. My wedding, for instance, has kind of two themes going. One of them is about these rose buds in a very pale pinkish hue, and also my wedding being at the beach. I used these two elements when I picked any details for my wedding. My invitations were in this dark color that resembled a sandy beach color, and my wedding guest candies ( a tradition based in Turkey) were dolphins. Meanwhile, my wedding dress has rose buds on it, and I use a pinkish hue in my wedding decorations.
  2. Personal Style: Choose a dress that reflects your personal style while complementing your wedding dress. It’s a perfect idea to go with two pieces of retractable wedding skirts, etc.
  3. Comfort: Ensure the dress is comfortable for the evening’s activities. My wedding dress has a long tail I go with slighthly higher heels to ensure I will not step on my tail all the time.

Stay on-trend with these popular styles for after-party wedding dresses:

  1. Bold Accessories: Stand out with vibrant, eye-catching accessories during your party time. Go fun with it.
  2. Unique Fabrics: Consider dresses with unconventional fabrics like sequins or feathers. Let’s party hard
  3. Innovative Designs: Look for dresses with unique cuts and silhouettes.

Where to Shop Rehearsal Dinner Dress & After Party Wedding Dresses

Looking for the perfect dress? Check out these stores that you can find both affordable and splurge worthy pieces

  1. For Love & Lemons: Offers a wide range of trendy and unique dresses. .
  2. Anthropologie: Known for their elegant and timeless designs. You can browse here more.
  3. Revolve: Great for finding budget-friendly options without sacrificing style.

Here are 22 Rehearsal Dinner After Party Wedding Dresses I picked for you.

22 Rehearsal Dinner Dress & After Party Wedding Dresses We Picked For You

Lace Romper

Rehearsal Dinner Dress, After Party Wedding Dresses

This lace romper with dteachable with a bulky princess skirt is actually a pretty good idea because you can repurpose your actual wedding dress. One of the most famous version was created by Dior for Chiara Ferragni’s wedding dress.

Flower Petals with Tulle Sleve Details

Rehearsal Dinner Dress, After Party Wedding Dresses

Such a gorgeous dress for rehersal dinner or even for actual wedding dinner if you are ok to go with mini skirt instead of treditional long gowns.

Crop Top But Make it Fancy After Party Wedding Dress


I adore this 3D flower top and satin skirt. It’s so elegant but at the same time if you are upto it you can restyle noth pieces in your daily life. I can see wearing this top with jeans for a girl’s night out for datenights. And who doesn’t like a wardope stable like this.

A Line Strapless with Long Tulle Skirt


This design is so gorgoues. If you want to be more frugal and don’t want to but that additional after party dress, this kind of design could be your game plan. The mini dress without long tulle skirt is just so perfect for a party time.

Butterfly Effect Rehersal Dinner Dress


Simple yet does the job perfectly. I can also see you in this dress in your honeymoon to Capri in summer.

Simple Elegance with 3D Rose Dress

Pinterest Purchase in Pink $750

This dress belongs to Coperni and to be honest for a designer brand I actually find this dress on the affordable side. I am compering the prices from Valentino or Dior Haute Couture Dresses. This dress obviously goes with ready-to-wear line but I think It still has some couture qualities.

White Swan Dress


Pretty in Pink


Gorgeous design and really affordable price as low as $158

Old Money Vibes for Rehersal Dinner Dress


This dress has a very nice quality to nod Old money, quiet luxury. Simple, elegenat just perfect.

For the Love of Elegant Bows

Ambre Mini Dress W/ Gloves $319

What? Get out of here. How gorgeous this dress with all the bow details but simple enough to wear for any other ocisons, too.

Petal Dress – A Romantic Option For After Party Dress


Elegant But Make it Joyful Disco


Another dress I love so much. I probably go with this kind of unconventinonal style for my biggest day. Also body goals for this bride to be 🙂 This dress is happened to be by Christopher Esber and the name of the dress is “laced torrent tank white dress”. I checked it but looks like It is sold out.

Back Strap Detailed Dress


Love this cute dress for after party or bridal shower actually. The bow details are best <3

Sprak with Hair Acessories


Ethereal Wedding Dresses


When Satin and Lace Merge


Perfect amount of romance and modernity merges together.

White Tube Dress


This dress can be worn both for the main ceremony o for the grand entrance for a cute first dance.

Little Strapless White Dress


Perfect little dress that can be worn for bachelorette parties, rehersal brunch and many more occaisons.

Petals on petal dress


A gorgeous Oscar De La Renta piece kind of looks like two pieces. If It’s two piece I love even more. You can definitely restyle your wedding dress as a single bustier in the future. Love it.

Feathers and Sparkles


Rebel but Make It Romantic


Vivenne Westwoodesque style is for anti brides. Remmeber that trend on Pinterest about anti bride looks, photos and wedding plans. These dresses is made for that mind set.

Little Sexy Pink Dress with Backless Bow Details


This dress is like official Pinterest dress. I don’t know how many times I have seen this dress and different color versions of it on Pinterest. If you don’t mind to wear something similar to other people this can be a good budget option for you.


Q: How many dresses should I wear?

A: While some brides choose up to five dresses, three is a sensible number: one for the ceremony, one for the dinner, and one for the after party.

Q: What are some budget-friendly options?

A: Consider renting dresses or buying from discount retailers to save money.

Q: Can I wear my wedding dress to the after party?

A: Absolutely! If your wedding dress is comfortable and suits the after-party vibe, you can definitely wear it.

Finding the perfect rehearsal dinner and after-party wedding dresses can make your wedding celebrations even more special. With these tips and ideas, I hope you’re sure to find the perfect outfits for every part of your big day