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Slay the Streets of Europe: Conquering European Summer Outfits with 9 Look Ideas

Summer whispers are carried on the wind, and Europe thrums with irresistible energy. Cobblestone streets whisper secrets of centuries past, sun-drenched piazzas beckon with laughter, and vibrant cultures tantalize your senses. But amidst the excitement, a crucial question arises: what to wear? Packing for European summer outfits can feel like a sartorial tightrope walk, balancing diverse climates, cultural nuances, and the ever-present desire to express your unique fashion sense. Fear not, fashionistas! This guide equips you with the style-savvy to effortlessly conquer Europe’s fashion scene, all while injecting your personality into every outfit.

Destination Dressing – European Summer Outfits

Island Hopping:

Embrace the carefree island life with flowy maxi dresses in vibrant prints from & Other Stories, breezy kaftans that billow in the sea breezes from Weekday, and colorful printed shorts that showcase your sun-kissed legs from Monki. Don’t forget a swimsuit and cover-up for those refreshing dips in turquoise waters! Think lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen from the H&M Conscious Collection and playful patterns that reflect the island’s spirit. Feeling inspired? Accessorize with a statement sunhat from ASOS and shell jewelry from Mango for a truly island-inspired look.

European summer outfits

City Slicking:

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with chic capri pants and a fitted top combo from COS. Explore charming city streets in a floral printed top from & Other Stories paired with high-waisted white pants from Weekday. A tailored blazer from Zara adds instant polish and sophistication for cooler evenings. Feeling inspired? Opt for a bold-colored blazer from Mango to make a statement or a patterned top from Monki to add visual interest. Accessorize with a statement pendant necklace from Oliver Bonas and a woven clutch from Accessorize for a touch of Parisian flair.

European summer outfits

Countryside Strolls:

Pack comfortable sneakers from Veja for exploring charming villages and hiking scenic trails. Embrace the outdoors in a flowy midi skirt from Reformation paired with a relaxed linen shirt from the H&M Conscious Collection. Feeling adventurous? Opt for a pair of convertible hiking pants from The North Face that transform into shorts for added versatility. Don’t forget a backpack from Fjällräven for carrying essentials and a wide-brimmed hat from ASOS for sun protection.


Beyond the Basics

While the basics are essential for building a versatile European wardrobe, don’t be afraid to pack a few key pieces that reflect your unique style and personality. Here are some additional outfit ideas to inspire your packing list:


1. The Little White Dress:

This timeless piece is a summer staple for a reason. Opt for a flowy A-line silhouette from Sézane that flatters all body types, or a chic wrap dress from Reformation for a touch of vintage charm. Accessorize with statement earrings from Pandora and strappy sandals from Vagabond for a romantic evening look.

European summer outfits

2. Black Linen Strapless:

Embrace sophistication with a black linen strapless dress from COS. This versatile piece can be dressed up with heels and statement jewelry from Oliver Bonas for a fancy dinner, or dressed down with sandals and a straw hat from Mango for a casual day exploring.


3. Luxe of Black & White:

Channel timeless elegance with a black and white striped jumpsuit from & Other Stories, or a polka dot midi skirt from Weekday paired with a crisp white shirt from Monki. Don’t forget a chic black clutch from Accessorize and pearl earrings from Swarovski for a touch of luxury.

European summer outfits

4. Elegance of the Pleated Skirt:

Embrace femininity with a midi-length pleated skirt in a soft pastel color from H&M Conscious Collection. Pair it with a fitted linen shirt from COS and strappy sandals from Vagabond for a chic and comfortable look. Feeling playful? Opt for a printed pleated skirt from Mango and a cute off-the-shoulder top from Weekday for a summery vibe.

European summer outfits

5. Linen Shorts & One-Shoulder Top:

This chic combination is perfect for exploring bustling city streets or enjoying al fresco dining. Choose high-waisted linen shorts from Zara in a neutral color and pair them with a playful one-shoulder top in a vibrant print from & Other Stories. Accessorize with statement sunglasses from Quay Australia and a woven cross-body bag from Mango for a touch of bohemian flair.


6. Linen Pants & Button-Down:

Elevate your casual style with a pair of tailored linen pants from COS and a crisp white button-down shirt from Monki. Roll up the sleeves for a relaxed look and accessorize with a statement necklace from Oliver Bonas and sandals from Charles & Keith. This outfit is perfect for exploring charming villages or enjoying a leisurely afternoon at a local cafe.

European summer outfits

7. Twin Set:

Add a touch of vintage charm to your wardrobe with a chic twin set from Sézane. Opt for a pastel color combination for a feminine look, or a bolder color palette for a statement. Pair it with high-waisted jeans from Weekday and sandals from ASOS for a comfortable yet stylish outfit.


8. Knit:

Don’t underestimate the power of a lightweight knit sweater for cooler evenings. Choose a versatile neutral color from H&M Conscious Collection that you can layer over dresses, skirts, or shorts. Feeling adventurous? Opt for a bold striped knit from Weekday or a playful geometric pattern from Monki.


9. Tweed Dress & Blazer:

Channel Parisian chic with a tweed dress and blazer combo from Sandro. This sophisticated outfit is perfect for exploring museums, attending cultural events, or enjoying a fancy dinner. Accessorize with statement earrings from Swarovski and a clutch from Accessorize for a touch of luxury.


Remember! Packing for a European summer is about more than just clothes, Packing for a European Summer Outfits is an Adventure.

Embrace the Breezy Basics

Linen Love:

This natural fabric reigns supreme in European summers, radiating effortless chic. Imagine yourself twirling through Parisian streets in a flowy maxi dress by Sézane, exploring Venetian canals in relaxed linen pants from COS, or sipping gelato in a breezy linen shirt from H&M Conscious Collection. Opt for neutral tones like white, beige, and olive for versatility, or add a pop of color with burnt orange, lavender, or seafoam green. Bonus points for linen blends that wrinkle less, allowing you to focus on soaking up the sights, not smoothing out creases!

Sezane – ROSELLA DRESS – $225
H&M – Linen-blend Shirt – $26.99

The Timeless Tee:

A classic white tee is your European bestie. Tuck it into a chic skirt from Reformation for a casual yet put together look, layer it under a sundress from Mango for extra coverage on cooler evenings, or tie it up for a breezy crop top moment. Pack a few in different necklines and sleeve lengths to create endless mix-and-match possibilities. Think classic crewnecks from & Other Stories for everyday wear, boatnecks from COS for a touch of femininity, and V-necks from Monki for a flattering silhouette.

Reformation – Classic Crew Tee

European summer outfits
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Mango – Low neck t-shirt

Denim Dreams:

Ditch the distressed boyfriend jeans you rock at home and embrace the European take on denim. Think tailored cuts that flatter your figure, like high-waisted styles from Levi’s that elongate your legs or cropped flares from Weekday that showcase your summer shoes. Darker washes offer timeless versatility but don’t shy away from light denim from Zara for a breezy summer feel. Remember, Europeans favor clean lines and classic silhouettes, so leave the overly distressed and embellished jeans at home.

Shoe Savvy:

Packing light? Choose comfortable sandals that can seamlessly transition from sightseeing to dinner dates. Strappy gladiators from Topshop channel ancient Roman vibes, sleek slides from Vagabond exude contemporary chic, and woven wedges from ASOS elevate your look with bohemian flair. Pack a pair of slingback heels from Aldo or chic ballet flats from Charles & Keith for dressier occasions. Remember, cobblestones are no joke, so prioritize comfort over sky-high stilettos. Think chunky platforms or wedges from Schuh for extra stability on uneven terrain.

Accessorize with Intention

Sunglasses with Sass: A pair of sunglasses is your shield against the summer sun and a chance to express your personality. Cat-eye frames from Ray-Ban add instant Parisian flair, oversized aviators from Quay Australia channel Italian Riviera cool, and tortoiseshell frames from Mango exude timeless sophistication. Choose a style that flatters your face shape and reflects your unique personality. Feeling bold? Experiment with mirrored lenses or brightly colored frames from H&M.

Scarves for Flair:

A lightweight scarf is your secret weapon, offering sun protection, cultural sensitivity, and endless styling possibilities. Tie it around your neck for a pop of color with a scarf from Zara, wear it as a headscarf when visiting religious sites with a scarf from & Other Stories, or even use it as a beach blanket for impromptu picnics with a scarf from Weekday. Opt for silk or cotton blends for breathability and chicness. Feeling playful? Try tying a scarf in your hair with a scarf from Monki for a whimsical touch.

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Amazon – PoeticEHome 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Square Scarf

Jewelry that Jingles:

European summers are all about effortless elegance. Skip the chunky statement pieces you wear at home and embrace delicate layered necklaces from Oliver Bonas, sparkling earrings from Pandora, or a single statement bangle from Accessorize. Think timeless pearls from Swarovski, mixed metals like gold and silver from H&M, or semi-precious stones from Mango for a touch of understated luxury. Feeling inspired? Layer multiple necklaces of varying lengths from Topshop for a trendy, bohemian look.

Mango Maxi-bracelet

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Pack a small cross-body bag from COS for hands-free exploring. Choose a leather or woven straw style from Mango for durability and European charm. Feeling extra organized? Opt for a bag with multiple compartments from Charles & Keith to keep your essentials easily accessible.

While this guide provides a foundation for conquering European summer fashion, remember, packing is just the first step in your adventure. Embrace the journey with these additional tips:

Embrace Local Finds

Europe is a treasure trove of unique fashion finds! Explore local boutiques, vintage shops, and department stores like Galeries Lafayette in Paris or Harrods in London. You might discover one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the local culture and add a touch of authenticity to your wardrobe.

Seek Sustainable Options

Be mindful of the environment by choosing eco-friendly brands like Veja sneakers, Reformation dresses, or H&M Conscious Collection pieces. Consider renting outfits for special occasions or purchasing pre-loved items from vintage shops.

Accessorize with Confidence

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories! Statement jewelry, colorful scarves, and playful hats can elevate your outfits and inject your personality. Experiment with different combinations to create unique looks that express your individuality.

Comfort is Key

European summers can involve a lot of walking, so prioritize comfortable shoes and breathable fabrics. Opt for natural materials like cotton and linen, and avoid overly restrictive clothing. Remember, confidence comes from feeling good in what you wear!

Be Weather-Wise

Pack layers to adapt to varying temperatures. Evenings can be cooler, especially in mountainous regions. Consider a light raincoat or packable windbreaker for unexpected showers.

Respect Local Customs

Research cultural norms and dress codes, especially when visiting religious sites. Be mindful of revealing clothing in certain areas and opt for respectful attire when necessary.

Embrace the Unexpected

Be prepared for spontaneous adventures! Pack a swimsuit for hidden beaches, a versatile scarf for sudden chilly moments, and an open mind for the unexpected experiences that await you.

Most importantly, have fun!

Europe is a place to immerse yourself in different cultures, create unforgettable memories, and express your unique style. So pack your bags, embrace the adventure, and slay the streets of Europe with your Alliegirl vibes!

Bonus Tip: Share your European summer outfits journey! Take photos of your outfits, document your adventures, and inspire others with your unique style. Use the hashtag #AlliegirlEurope to connect with other fashion-savvy travelers and share your European summer fashion story!

With these tips and a sprinkle of your European Girl Era, you’re ready to conquer Europe’s fashion scene and create lasting memories in style.

Bon voyage!