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Cosiest Coffee Shops in Austin

I can’t believe our time in Austin is already up. It’s has been 2 months. The city is so beautiful and there are so many places to discover. We struggled a little bit without babysitter but I think I am going to remember Austin with a smile in my face. I especially adore the cute coffee shops in the city as the biggest coffee lover. So here is my list of cosiest coffee shops in Austin.

5 Cosiest Coffee Shops in Austin

Radio Coffee and Beer

Radio is definitely our second home in Austin. It has a big parking lot which is very important in Austin. Because the city requires to go everywhere with your car. They have 4 different areas in the place. – Inside, -Tent, -Open benches, -Beerhouse style outside area. There is also a food truck that you can grab breakfast tacos from.

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The skirt: JW Anderson

Patika is the coffee shop in South Lamar where is very close to where we stayed. They have the best scones that I’ve tasted for a very long time. Definitely go and try. I ran into so many people are working, writing, chatting this place. Very cosy to do some freelance work.

Seventh Flag Coffee

This coffee shop is very calm and quite a perfect spot for reading while you are enjoying your tasty coffee.

Once Over Coffee Bar

We went to Once Over in a rainy day. Once Over has the cutest little yard in the back side of the coffee shop. It was almost like a scene from a novel. From all these coffee shop probably Once Over is the cosiest one we have been.

Merit Coffee

I love almost every building in Austin but Merit has this cutest old building which they did a restoration. I’ve just tried their cappuccino yesterday and I love how strong the coffee taste so the milk is not overwhelming the tasty coffee.

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The skirt: JW Anderson x Uniqlo
Manana Coffee

I really love the coffee in Manana but I am not very happy with their bakery. They have the most beautiful looking foods but somehow the taste is not as satisfying as the appeal. For a good coffee and a nice chat with your friends, Manana where you should go to the South Congress area.

Greater Goods

This coffee shop is in downtown Austin. Probably the tastiest coffee I’ve tried in Austin. Fatih and I both love their minimalist open space and decoration. I am not sure if it is the best place for long hours of working with your laptop. But the coffee is worth it.

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Fleet Coffee

Is the tiniest coffee shop in Austin. Even though It’s hard to find a place to sit inside in the cold winter weather, their coffee is so good, It’s worth to wait to find a place to sit. I’ve also got this amazing pastry with strawberry jam that I don’t remember the name now but It was so so tasty. Definitely stop by.


I cannot say the Cosmic is the best coffee shop we’ve been, as a coffee enthusiast, I didn’t like the coffee either pastries they have. But they have this amazing outdoor space. It’s definitely worth to see. They have a pond, fire pits and the coop in the yard.

If you want to visit Austin these are the best places for me to enjoy my time. And before you go you can have the information you need from Texas RV parks.

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I wrote this post when I visited Austin Texas in my seven and a half month-long slow cross country vacation.