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NYC Study Places-2: Where can I work in Union Square?

August 1, 2014

My first study place was Cafe Jax. Today I am going to write about multiple places nearby Union Sq.

Union Square can be frightening but at the same time so fun! I know It is so crowded. But when you go down on Broadway It is going to be less crowded or you can try to go to Washington Square Park area. It is still crowded but nice to hang out especially in spring and summer times like this time of year.



I am going to prepare a list of coffee shops and some important places (you must aware of them) you can work with your computer.

1. Think Coffee:

  • Wifi: √
  • Outdoor: X
  • Gluten Free: not sure!

It is on 4th Ave. near Union Square. They have really nice coffee. Not so strong but still has nice taste not trashy like Starbuck. Has so many table to read or work with your computer.

2. Strand Books:

This is not place for working but really nice local book store. It has 3 corner of book shelves on the sidewalk as you see on my photo below.



3. Joe Coffee:

  • Wifi: X
  • Outdoor: √
  • Gluten Free: √

Joe is one of my favorite coffee shops in town. They have great coffee. If you don’t like coffee foam but strong taste, you probably buy skim cappuccino but careful about it at Joe Coffee, this version can be so strong.  Anyway Joe is on 13th street between University Place and 5th ave. I don’t think they provide wi-fi but have nice big commune table.

4. Hu Kitchen:

  • Wifi: √
  • Outdoor: X
  • Gluten Free: Of course!

This is one of best Paleo restaurants in town. They are going to open second one in Upper East Side, it is quite close to my home. So yayyy! You can try healthy food in here but also enjoy the free internet with your laptop but Please Do Not occupy  quadruple tables! There are tones of  twosome tables. s

5. Stumptown Coffee:

  • Wifi: √
  • Outdoor: X
  • Gluten Free: not sure!

My second favorite coffee place. Coffee taste is so strong I have to buy latte in this place 🙂 They sometimes make cold coffee. I have to say “extra hot” every time. This place is quite far from Union Sq. but closer to NYU  campus. It has tones of place to settle down and work. This place used to be small but It is quite big now.


Top: Mango old (similar here)

Skirt: Vintage

Bag: Calvin Klein

Sunglasses: Rayban

Kitten heels: Zara new season (similar here)