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How to Change Your Personal Style?

March 20, 2017

My personal style changes every day. I actually enjoy this change a lot. That means I learn new things to apply to my look and daily life. I told this million times now. I used to have very feminine style 4-5 years ago. My personal style today is more on the eclectic side. I love to try new things every day. As much as I enjoy the colorful looks, I admire minimalistic simple white-black looks.

Of course the lifestyle you choose affect your personal style a lot. The country you live (even though there is no border in fashion these days), the city even the neighborhood change your tastes a lot. For example, after I moved to Williamsburg (our new house), my style change even more. I am more on the sexless style side.


If you are struggling to find your personal style, follow so many different fashion bloggers. Even though we have thousands of bloggers in the blogosphere, everybody has different stories and approaches to tell you about a dress or a bag. Follow all different kinds of bloggers and street style diaries at least for 6 months. Then you are gonna understand what kind of styles took your attention most. (If you still have struggled to decide, email me)

Oversized Shirt Dress: Mango (Last season)
Jeans: Zara (last season)
Loafers: Gucci Fur Loafers
Clutch: Cashhimi
Cuff: Mango (almost 6 years ago)
Lipstick: Mac Plum Full Fushia
Earrings: Vintage

Here I am with another dress over pants look. I really didn’t pay attention to this look but more on this oversized white shirt dress. It has a unique style. I don’t know if you can understand from the photos but it is loose from the back side but It is more fitted in the front with the belt. I decided to complete my look with Gucci slides and this very green clutch bag.

Hopefully, you enjoy my style advice and the another dress over jeans look. Tell em about your comments on today’s world personal style.