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  • Celebrating Christmas in Islam

    Celebrating Christmas in Islam

    I remembered that my photographer Arriana and my dear friend Gabriel were very surprised when they learned that I am actually Muslim. This happened when we did our “Coffee Talks with Newest Yorker” video talk last April. So what this thing to do with “Celebrating Christmas in Islam”. Give a hear to my talk. I don’t even…

  • Personal Style – How to Change it?

    Personal Style – How to Change it?

    My personal style changes every day. I actually enjoy this change a lot. That means I learn new things to apply to my look and daily life. I told this million times now. I used to have very feminine style 4-5 years ago. My personal style today is more on the eclectic side. I love to…

  • H&M Mule Sandals and My colorful Office Look

    H&M Mule Sandals and My colorful Office Look

    I immediately fell in love with these H&M mule sandals when I first saw them in Summer 16 campaign bilboards. Colorful, cheerful and trendy.. I love the tassels. They make huge difference with all these simple sandals. Height is also incredibly comfortable. Because I am that girl who wants to wear her shoes all day…