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How To Start A Fashion Blog?

March 6, 2017

First things first. Being a fashion blogger is the incredibly popular thing in today’s world. Everybody is amazed by the glamorous life of these golden girls. They wear expensive clothes, they travel a lot, they eat fancy foods, stay in fancy hotels and most importantly they are treated as celebrities. What a life! huh? Don’t you think you should start a fashion blog, too?

My first advice for to whom wants to join this life, don’t jump on this craziness just for free stuff and perks. Everybody wants to start a fashion blog these days. Managing a live blog is an extremely hard thing. There are tons of things to do. I advise you to start your fashion, beauty or the lifestyle blog for your passion for these topics. If you see yourself as a columnist who has things to say about something you like then start it. Otherwise, if you just start to this business for money, soon you’re gonna realize It’s not like you saw on Instagram. Managing a blog and a social media channels for that is a lot more complicated than sharing fancy photos on IG.

Let’s say you know you have a real passion for fashion. Unfortunately, that’s not enough reason to start a fashion blog. Maybe in 2011, you might have still a chance, but not anymore (If you are not a crazy talented writer or a unique girl or already have access to designer product, your job might get easier). You should find your «niche» before you start your new hobby/business.

Even though I have a niche on, I admit I still struggle to identify myself as Am I a tech girl or that a girl from the office always wears interesting stuff? 

First, find your indifferent side. Why should I start to read your blog in the pool of more than 28.3 million* blogs? If you want to create a solid brand for your name or business, forget Instagram. You should be a real influencer from all the channels on the internet. (Don’t get me wrong, love Instagram but It’s is not just Instagram that you show people how genuine you are. Instagram create an illusion and more and more people start to question people on this platform) To start a fashion blog need more than that. Look at the big picture.


You’re gonna be question by PR agencies when you say I have 10K followers on Instagram but have 24 likes on my FB page and I have 500 unique visitors on my website. Forget PR agency. How does this sound to you? If you’re a PR professional, do you really wanna work with this person? (I know It depends if the brand only focusing on IG for that campaign)

5 The Most Important Steps to Start a Fashion Blog

So I decided to share my experience on blogging and social media with for first timers. I have 5 top prior things to explain you in basic levels. I probably going to write longer posts about every step in the future so keep check this page because I’ll give the links from this post.

  1. Find a name that represents your vision, your «niche». Weel…I don’t know how many times I read about Leandra Medine’s Manrepeller story. The name itself has so many things to explain people want to hear the story behind of it over and over again. We fashion bloggers even use “man repelling” as a style term now. If you wanna see the story behind my blog name check it out.

2. Invest from the beginning. So you found that kickass name, what is next? You should invest in your domain name, your blog hosting and design. Make sure about blogging services. There are a couple of major ones.


3. Start a presence on every major Social Media from the beginning. It sometimes gets harder to take people’s attention to new social media channels. My Facebook page was created 6 months earlier than my Instagram page but I still have larger followers on Instagram. But don’t forget every social media channel user has a different way of communication so don’t avoid the others.

4. Find a professional support from early stages. It’s one of the hardest things to find affordable ways for photography or a person for your either blog design or technical person for emergency needs for your blog. Be clever. Find a win-win solution for the person who helps you if you don’t have enough budget to pay them.

5. Write, write, write. Even though there is a great number of blogs out there, most of them are the ghost town. This part of the business never changed. The very first bloggers used to update their blogs every single day. The recipe is so simple I need a reason to come to your blog every day and that is a new fresh post. Think about your «niche» and create a day around that. If you are a blogger who features organic, natural beauty products, you can say your Thursdays are “Paraben-free Thursdays” and every Thursday you know what you are gonna write about it.

This is my first article about being the fashion blogger. I really wanna help you out with my knowledge and because I create this series. I also check about new updates and tricks about blogging and fashion. That’s gonna help me to refresh my memory and experiences on starting a fashion blog. See I found myself another win-win out of creating this post.

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So do you think you are gonna start a fashion blog? Tell me your concerns on comments. We overcome those little concern together.

Thanks for reading.

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*In 2015, 28.3 million internet users updated a blog at least once per month. This number is considered to reach 31.7 million in 2020. Source: Statista