Our New House in Williamsburg

September 20, 2015

If you move to New York from another country, you should live in Manhattan for the first 2-3 years. Of course, there are some hipster ones of you are going to object this!!. Because my theory is for the ones who are obsessed with SATC and bunch of other romantic comedies based on NYC. If you think you are going to see the same New York as you do in movies, you are daydreaming! First of all, New York is one of the dirtiest places I’ve ever been in my life! Second of all, all those movie makers pick the best places in the city to give you the best feeling of New York. Even though all the cons New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world to live as young individuals (you lucky bastards!! me too :).

I used to live in the Upper East Side for 3 years until 1 month. Don’t make such a scene when you hear UES! In fact UES the place with full of whinny old people! It is not like what you see in Gossip Girls for most of the time! If you are a crazy rich kid to study in New York and insist to live in UES, then rent a house in either Madison Ave or 5th Ave (east side of Central Park) those two places is the best to me in UES!

I used to live in Yorkville, I still love the place because I really feel like I am in one of those romantic comedies because our apartment was crazy close to Central Park. We used to go cute “Central Park picnics”, I used to jog every morning. Fatih used to do yoga in the park. But I have to admit UES is not the young people who are into contemporary decoration, art – lifestyle. If you are looking for such an experience, then your place in Williamsburg.

After we started to check houses all around Manhattan, we were kind of disappointed. Houses are so small, too old and They don’t have even a dishwasher. One friend finally told us why don’t we look house in Williamsburg. Almost all the houses are renovated, clean with dishwasher, even washer-dryer! But we never think of it because the idea of moving to Brooklyn is always challenging after Manhattan.

Fatih is always crazy about Williamsburg. I have to tell you this when I first come to Williamsburg 5 years ago, I didn’t get the idea of “being really cool and artsy and don’t give a shit how you look but still extremely fucking rich and every single piece of my clothes are a designer” being! After I come back to Williamsburg for a volunteer job, then I realize how beautiful the streets are. So many gorgeous restaurants, cafes etc. People also look so stylish which is very important for me. I like to be with people who inspire me with their looks.

After looking a couple of apartments finally, we decided to move this gorgeous high rise building in the waterfront. They are also known as Williamsburg Waterfront Piers. It takes a little bit longer to decorate our new house because I didn’t wanna end up the first time. I tried to find things different.


My favourite piece in our house!!! Mirror: World’s Market (similar)



I still haven’t decided where to put my beloved shoes!



I am so proud of myself about this art piece. Fatih and I bought this painting in our German trip. This is the first time we pay a lot of money for a painting. I am proud of myself because finally, I feel like adult 🙂


I am planning to do a DIY project for these small mirrors. I’ll make them either vintage looking or lame colouring. Haven’t decided yet! Bought them from TJMAX (similar)






This is one of my favourite Atatürk posters ever. This is a masterpiece of the street art guru Obey. P. S. Look at my tiny Hermonie 🙂



Hamsa Table Decoration (similar)


Since I am a huge fan of writing, Fatih bought this vintage 1954 typewriter for one of my birthdays.


This is the small piece of my iceberg of beauty products!


My fav candle! The scent is Basil.







What do you think of my new house? Tell me your moving stories!