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Who is Your Manhattan Girl? Is She Carrie Bradshaw or Mrs Maisel?

February 21, 2019

I just asked this question to my husband. What the idea of being a Manhattan Girl? Who is Your Manhattan Girl? Is She Carrie Bradshaw or Mrs Maisel? Or me? lol

The question came up to us when we are talking to a couple of friends about how is the feeling of leaving New York after 8 years. We were comparing Miami vs New York. And I remembered saying them I didn’t feel like I am done with New York yet and I am not sure if I ever feel that way. You know some people needs their quiet times after some years in a hectic city life. They want to get married have kids and moved to suburbs.

Don’t I want the best for my kids? Of course, I want that. I know I am not there yet to afford expensive schools in NYC or decent size apartment for enough space for my kids and my husband. But the truth is simple, even though all these facts I can’t still give up on New York.

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Can’t let go Manhattan…

When told them that I couldn’t let Manhattan go yet in my mind and my life, our close friend Jason who is born and raised Park Avenue (careful, I am not saying New York, not even Manhattan, Park Avenue) said like his mom (who also happens to be born and raised in Park Avenue). He said she is a true Manhattan girl. Even though she is 60 something woman, she doesn’t like suburbs. She needs to be in the center of everything. Just like me.

And then I referred our common friend Funda. I told him Funda was the same way. She is like “I can stand New Jersey”. What is New Jersey? When I was complaining about how expensive the houses (surprised?!) in NY and stuff, she told me once “I came to the States to live in New York, I am not interested in any USA cities”. Funda is this crazy career focussed, very successful Sex and The City vibe girl who happens to date a lot like the quartet we adore for more than 20 years. She really lives the dream of every young girl.

And Jason was surprised when I mentioned Funda and he was like that’s not the same thing. I didn’t get it why hhe said that at the time. Then when I was watching Mrs Maisel, I kind of understand what he meant. Mrs Maisel was born and raised in Upper Manhattan and you know It’s a different kind of lifestyle only a true Manhattanite can relate.

Sex and The City Girl

To be honest, I always taught that the true Manhattan girl loves dating, buying expensive clothes and shoes. She always goes to best parties and bars and reaturants. Exactly the ones in the Sex and the City.

And I was talking the very same topic with my husband and insisting the my version of Manhattan girl is more accurate to the today’s New York. He was like how do you know. Everybody’s way of thinking is different. Jason’s ideal Manhattan girl is the pretty much relevant to today’s world as well.

And I think he is kind of right. In my opinion there are two types of Manhattan Girl. The one is my type, like the Sex and City type. Independent, career focussed, fashion lover and loves to date and going out. And the other type is Mrs Maisel kind. Born and raised in NY and never and ever doesn’t want to leave the city at all, for any where. (Blair Waldorf kind, Jason’s mom kind.)

Why do you think my mind ultimately goes to Sex and the City type? Is it because of the social media? And I am a fashion blogger and I feel more relatable to that type? Who is Your Manhattan Girl? Is She Carrie Bradshaw or Mrs Maisel?