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Becoming Digital Nomad, Leaving New York

October 24, 2018

It has been 7 years now and start to feel like either I need a chance (trying different states and cities eventually a new country?) or go deep on my New York experience. But that’s a big challenge in the last couple of years. Here is why it’s a big challenge living in New York these days…

Three Big Cons (Expensive Housing, School System, Taxing)

-Expensive Housing:

New York gets more expensive every day. I remembered when the first move to Upper East Side our studios’ rent was $2000. Today you can only find that price somewhere in the East or West Bronx. The city is definitely telling me something. Maybe it’s time to go check the other cities and come back whenever I miss my New York. Since I am a digital person I can work wherever I want and come back and follow up with all things the city gives me.

-School System:

I knew moving out of New York was inevitable just because of this reason. Definitely, not want my kids to get worse education possible. I don’t know why but New York City’s schooling system is not the best, unfortunately. And the private school tuitions are. Just insane!! You can not imagine what I keep hearing about the insane amount of things they ask. When I pick the new place to live one of my priority is the school system and quality of that city.


Every beautiful thing comes with an obstacle. One of the biggest obstacles about New York is high taxes. If you are a business owner you pay 40% of your profit to states. I don’t object If I get the best health and school system for what I pay for. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. I really don’t know where all those tax goes. So If I am going to complain about it, I have to change my plans for it.

I know, I am the Newest Yorker from the heart and that’s always gonna be like that. But not these years for now. Maybe when I feel more confident about what I do and how much money I make I come back to this beautiful city!!!

P.S. it’s still not certain yet that I am going to move 100%. We are still figuring out with my husband. Who knows we may move to Europe back.