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Pros and Cons living in Miami vs New York

February 11, 2019

First of all It’s not that easy to answer this question yet. Since I live in New York for 7 years and just stayed in Miami for two months. But still I have some sense to talk about Pros and Cons living in Miami vs New York.

First of all, there is no place like New York. If New York has the advantage of the weather I don’t know how we can even think about moving out from the city of dreams. And this brings me the first comparison.

All the photos are taken in Miami Design District.

The Weather – Miami : 1, New York: 0

Everybody tell us Miami is crazy hot during the summer but nobody ever mentions about crazy colds of New York. I’ve talked about this many many times. I am from south Turkey. And my hometown the crazy humid and terrible hot city. So I think I can manage Florida. We went swimming for god’s sake when my fellow New Yorkers were freezing to the photo shoots.

The Culinary – Miami: 0, New York: Kicks Ass

This is one of the obvious subjects that New York can kick the ass of any cities in the whole world. You can literally find any kind of cuisine in New York. Since the city is the capital of the world, there is no question about that. But Miami gives hope. B Bistro in Brickell, Zak the Baker and Miami in Wynwood and Mandolin from the design district made me so happy. So I am definitely hopeful about the future of Miami’s culinary scene.

The Rent – Miami: Kicks Ass of New York so bad, my heart hurts so much :(, New York: 0

Ok, Some of you might ask me about dude wait why are you leaving New York. Ok, nothing is for sure yet. But Fatih and I decided to visit some of the cities we are curios about to see how is life in those other (no tax) states that everybody keeps talking and moving rates are going growing every year. Since the twins are still not obligated to go to school we decided to be digital nomads to see all these different places in the USA. We also want to do a small trip to South East Asia but that’s the topic for another time.

Oh, yes, the rent. I mean we found all these fanciest buildings with doorman, gym and giant pools plus with co-working space plus with furniture for $2950. Did I told you It’s a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment with a walk-in-closet. I feel like I hear you saying when are we moving? And If you prefer no furniture these prices go down to $2600. And It’s in the middle of downtown Miami. I am serious this place is a steal. This is why I am telling you my heart hurts for saying this but come on NY why are you so expensive lately?

Bag: Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis (affordable price)

Transportation – Miami: 1, New York: 1

I love how easy to go everywhere in New York because of subway. Yes It’s sometimes pain in the ass if the line you are using kept coming late or threaten your life to be shut down the whole line (L train) and stuff. But still that reachable feeling makes our life so easy. In Miami on the other hand there is no that much a subway lines. There is this thing called MetroMover. It has 3 small lines and reachable in the very limited area. But It’s free. It has elevator in the every single station. If you want to go somewhere slightly far from South Beach, Downtown Miami or Design District, Uber and Lyft is your answer. Uber and Lyft are the cheapest in this town.

The Culture, The Lifestyle – Miami: 0.5, New York:1

The reason is that all of us love New York so much because of its street culture. You can find any kind of activity to do in any night and day in the city. The imagination is limitless in New York.

Miami has some great addition to city’s culture. Art Basel, Design District Movie Festival, Wynwood all these events and places sounds great. And I probably prefer to live somewhere around either Wynwood or Design District (fashion blogger speaking duh!). But feels like Miami still not there. Definitely promising though.

Shoes: Aldo (Almost going to buy this style)

Conclusion – Miami:3.5, New York: 3

But wait what does my heart say? New York New York New York

So New York is 4.