gucci soho disco bag

What a Manhattanite Girl Wear at the Office

I may start a new nomadic lifestyle but I am the New Yorker from bottom of my heart. I don’t say I still have the huge Manhattanite persona as I used to have but I do know ”What a Manhattanite girl wear at the office.”

First of all, it’s little depends on which field she is working. If she is in the finance she might wear something like this or this. But if she is working for a start-up or advertising agency she is more like something like this. I think she could be a fashion or accessory editor in a publishing company like Refinery 29 or Buzzfeed or Mashable.

I think she is definitely working for a fashion related thing since she is in these plastic clear through stilettos.

Don’t feel strange with my writing style because I love portraying different personas when I do street styling. This is the time I am most probably myself. A fashion writer with a Brooklynite twist but I do work in Manhattan.

I hope you enjoy my last New York photo shoot of the year. Who knows when my next New York photo shoot takes place.