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Who did Design the Very First Clear Transparent Shoes?

October 1, 2018

Who did design the very first clear transparent shoes? I think nobody knows the answer, but we all do know that they are crazy popular the last couple of years. Before Kimye reinvented the see-through shoe trend, actually almost all the major brands did clear transparent shoes. So I did my research on clear shoes, and these are the brands come up with idea years ahead of Yeezy.

I personally love the trend. I definitely end up with a similar style from affordable brands like Public Desire, Raye, Forever 21. But don’t go crazy over this trend because PVC material is not healthy for your foot health. Because this material has nowhere to have breathable texture, your shoes will sweat, and if you have a previous fungus problem, they are going to come back. You’ve been warned!!!

But there is no harm in having these shoes for some special occasions. Like crazy fashion week outfits or your weekly girl nights out…

Let’s see go through the “Who did Design the Very First Clear Transparent Shoes?” list.

Prada 2010 Spring Collection.

Prada is my favorite brand when It comes to shoes. Miuccia always has this great vision of being different when It comes to shoes.

Valentino 2013 Spring Collection.

Maybe It’s never meant to be the IT shoes over the years like Rockstud, but I think Valentino has one of the cutest see-through shoes design.

Loewe 2016 Spring Collection

Loewe is one of the rising stars of our time. And the design definitely tells it is Loewe.

Dolce and Gabbana 2016 Fall Collection.

Dolce and Gabbana redesign the shoe. You know what I am talking about. Cinderella’s.

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Kanye West 2017 Spring Collection

Which was kind of fiasco when It comes to the runway show. By the way, fashion brands make those presentations to impress people to sell their clothing line right? I hope he knows now.

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Chanel 2018 Spring Collection.

Chanel definitely loves this trend because world loved brand did used same trend back in 2016, too.

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