The Gradient Manicure is The Biggest Trend of 2019

May 20, 2019

There is a very hard question to answer. There are so many powerful trends this year. But which one is the strongest? One of the biggest trends from last year was lavender, lilac colour trend. Only one came to my mind.

What are the biggest fashion trends in 2019?

This is a year I can go on as:

  • Strappy shoes,
  • Organza tops,
  • Baguette bags,
  • Biker shorts,
  • Tye die
  • Pearl jewellery,
  • Quote and pearl hair clips
  • Oversize Straw hats and finally,
  • The Gradient Manicure

The Gradient Manicure is The Biggest Trend of 2019

The Gradient Manicure is The Biggest Trend of 2019

I generally don’t focus on beauty trend that much but I couldn’t resist the different colour nail trend. My everyday manicure is pretty simple. I generally go with French or baby pink mani-pedi in the summer and dark cherry or bright red in the winter. This is the first time, I decided to try something different and whimsical.

I absolutely love it. And decided to give you the direction and colour numbers for the order of my nail colour.

You can save this photo and just show to your manicurist and ask for the following colour numbers.

Pinky: OPI, Sun Sea and Sand in my Pants

Ring Finger: OPI, This Cost Me Mint

Middle Finger: Perfect Match Nail Polish, South Beach

Index Finger: CND Shellac, Lush Tropics

Thumb: OPI, I’m Sooo Swamped!

My twin babies’ reaction was so funny. They looked at my nails for a long time and touch it for so long.

And I lately wear these two rings from Noemi. The brand I recently discovered. If you love simple and modern jewellery, Noemi is your place to check regularly.

If you decided to do the same colour please share your photos in the comment, I absolutely love to see it 🙂 Thanks for reading “The Gradient Manicure is The Biggest Trend of 2019”. See you in one of my next trend posts.

P.S. I made my nails done in Ibiza Nail Saloon in West Hollywood.