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In-Depth Noemie Jewelry Review: Assessing the Quality of Noemie’s 18K Solid Gold Collection

In my comprehensive Noemie jewelry review, I’ll share my experience with Hello Noemie’s exquisite 18K solid gold collection. As a connoisseur and owner of real gold jewelry, I often get asked questions like “Is it safe to buy diamonds from Hello Noemie? How can you trust the authenticity of their gold and diamonds?” I intend to answer these queries while focusing on two distinct pieces from Noemie’s range. Additionally, this review will be structured around key aspects such as design, value, and packaging, providing a holistic view of what Noemie offers.

Noémie is a high-quality, fine jewelry brand sold at fair prices (previously featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. I think you received your answer here. They are a legit business featured in big-name magazines.). The best thing about Noémie is you will find many elegant and classy pieces at comparably reasonable prices. The brand handcrafts each piece with prioritizing quality and a timeless design approach to every piece that lasts a lifetime. 

hello noemie review, Noemie jewelry review

Hello Noemie Jewelry Review

I initially like these earrings from the brand.

noemie huggie earring review, Noemie jewelry review
The Huggie Earrings – $580

Even though these earrings are stunning and trendy these days, I am not a huge earrings fan. So I went with the rings instead. I am a considerable ring wearer. I don’t know if that’s a thing. “The ring-wearer.”

The Design Aspect (4/5)

My journey with Noemie began with a single baguette ring – a piece that epitomizes sophistication. Given the diamond’s size, its price struck me as remarkably reasonable. My next choice was an 18K gold ring adorned with a colored stone, specifically a sapphire, as it’s my birthstone (being a Virgo). When worn together, these two rings create a stunning ensemble, showcasing Noemie’s craftsmanship. Despite Noemie discontinuing the birthstone rings, which were a steal at $140, I’m hopeful for their return. Noemie positions itself as an affordable luxury brand, though their prices may still be steep for some.

Noemie Rings Review, Noemie jewelry review
The Single Baguette Ring – $470
Chevron Diamond Ring – $720
The Single Baguette Ring – $470

Evaluating Noemie’s Value (4/5)

The value proposition of Noemie’s jewelry is evident. Each product page offers insight into the market value of the piece, allowing you to see the savings firsthand, as Noemie eliminates the middleman. They also offer interest-free payment plans, which, while not my preference, are a practical option for high-value purchases.

Packaging Insights (4/5)

Noemie Rings Reviews
The Rumba Dancing Diamond Necklace – $1550

Noemie’s packaging presents a mix of emotions for me. While I find the packaging size excessive, the design is undeniably elegant and charming, perfect for a proposal setting. Imagine this: tiny balloons attached to a “Will You Marry Me?” card, soaring out as your loved one opens the box. A truly enchanting moment. How sweet. ♥️

hello noemie valentine's day
hello noemie mother's day

Final Thoughts and Recommendations (4/5)

In conclusion, Noemie’s rings and jewelry make for excellent gifts, with special discounts on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and holidays. I vouch for the brand’s reputation and the enduring quality of its products, having owned my Noemie pieces for several years without issues like diamond replacements. Moving away from gold-plated options, Hello Noemie’s 18K solid gold collection stands out in my top three. Although slightly pricier than its competitors, its 18K gold quality – a higher gold content – justifies the expense. Choosing between 14K and 18K gold ultimately depends on your preference for gold purity.

Hello Noemie Rings Review $370
  • The Design
  • The Value
  • The Packaging

Hello Noemie Rings Review – The Conclusion

Noemie is one of my favorite jewelry brands for gold or diamond purchases. I recommend the brand for a beautiful gift for yourself or your loved ones—an especially great gift for your mom on this Mother’s Day.

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Shop My Favourite Pieces From Hello Noemie Jewelry

The Petite Diamond Band Ring – $390
Flower Diamond Stud Earrings with 0.50 Carats – $1250
The 3 Diamonds Stacking Ring – $490
The Vintage Inspired Diamond Band – $790
The 5 Diamond Necklace – $790
The Diamond Tennis Bracelet – $3840
Mama Bracelet – $550

Is Noemie jewelry good?

Noemie jewelry generally receives positive reviews for its quality and design. Known for using 18K solid gold and ethically sourced diamonds, the brand often appeals to those seeking high-quality, luxury jewelry at a more accessible price point compared to traditional luxury brands. Customers appreciate the craftsmanship, the variety of elegant designs, and the transparency regarding sourcing and manufacturing practices. However, as with any brand, individual experiences and opinions may vary, so it’s always a good idea to research and read multiple reviews to determine if their products meet your specific preferences and standards.

As I mentioned above, Noemie is a great brand. You can also find very similar minimalist designs from AuRate NY. Besides, you can find both 14K and 18K options from AuRate according to your budget.

Is Noemie real diamonds?

Yes, Noemie jewelry uses real diamonds in its products. It is known for its commitment to quality and ethical sourcing, which includes using certified and conflict-free diamonds. The diamonds used in Noemie’s jewelry are typically advertised as being of high quality, adding to the overall value and appeal of its pieces. When purchasing diamond jewelry, it’s always wise to look for information about the diamond’s origin, certification, and quality grade to ensure authenticity and ethical sourcing.

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