Aurate Jewelry Review – Is Aurate Good Quality?

After creating my Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas, I couldn’t resist but purchase some jewelry from Aurate New York and Kinn Studio. These brands have both pros and cons, and I decided to write review posts about both brands. I write about my own experience as Aurate Jewelry Review, here in this article. And I talk about the quality of Aurate, customer service in this article. I also briefly touch on the Aurate Jewelry’s designs.

Aurate Jewelry Review
  • Quality
  • Value – Price
  • Design
  • Customer Service
  • Packaging


Aurate is NY based contemporary jewelry brand with minimalist modern designs. The price range starts from $25 to $4500. Aurate NY has gold vermeil, 14K and 18K solid gold options. If you live in NY, you can try on the jewelry in Williamsburg store.
Stackable Ring in 14K (available in 18K made-to-order) – $50

Is Aurate Good Quality?

Mini Wraparound Ring with White Diamonds – $420

Aurate is a New York-based jewelry brand with modern minimalist aesthetics for most everyday use. Every piece is handmade, and the brand is known for ethically sourced, sustainable 14K gold, 18K gold, and 14K gold-plated vermeil jewelry. The quality of the jewelry is essential to the brand. And my stack rings are 1 year old now, and I still haven’t gotten any problems.

The brand recently started to use recycled gold. Aurate also tracks every diamond coming from where and ethical mines and has fair payments to the local groups and people.

Aurate New York has three New York locations. Williamsburg, Madison and Soho. You can also go and check these beautiful pieces from their stores. Also, always check the Aurate Instagram account to learn the latest news about the brands’ store hours and opening.

aurate jewelry review
Gold Ball Studs (in 14K you can buy single) – $50
14K Gold Huggies ( you can buy single) – $200
Sensu Earrings (in gold vermil) – $120
Gold Ball Studs (in 14K you can buy single) – $50

Aurate Jewelry Review

The Value – 5/5

I think the value for the stack ring and my earrings are there. They even may sound so cheap. So that shouldn’t fool you because the gold is generally valued by grams or with the craftmanship on the pieces. In my case, the jewelry is light and has almost no design, so the price is perfect.

The Design – 4/5

First of all, I extremely love simple designs. These earrings are perfect for everyday use. They are the most comfortable pieces for a mom. My twin girls are just like their moms. So into fashion and design. So these simple designs don’t attract them too much, and I am glad. But I still have shiny gold jewelry in my everyday looks. 🙂
Stackable Ring in 14K (available in 18K made-to-order) – $50

Is Aurate Jewelry Real Gold? – The Quality – 4.5/5

The pieces are very quality. With that being said, I want solid gold jewelry because I want to comfort of not taking off my jewelry whenever I need to watch my hand or because of sweat for my necklaces. So I don’t have any complaints about the color change. And I shouldn’t really have the color change complaint since It’s solid gold jewelry.

If you have even a slight color change, there must be a quality control check problem. That happens even with the biggest brands. So don’t be alarmed but get in contact with the brand immediately.

The Package – 5/5

It is one of the cutest packages for jewelry brands out there. The boxes come in millennial pink. Just the packaging is enough for Instagram’s fame. <3 But other than that, Aurate NY is a committed brand to sustainability. The boxes are picked accordingly.

The Customer Service – 4/5

Definitely, I cannot significantly raise issues here in my experience. That’s why It’s 4. But the brand should be more careful with brick mortar stores. Aurate NY has 1.5 stars on Yelp, and most customers complained about late delivery because of Corona Days and lack of communications.

I hope you enjoy my Aurate jewelry review.

Please take a look at my favorite pieces from the brand.

Quadricolor Ring with White Diamonds – $900
Connection Necklace – $380
Birthstone Necklace – $250
Geometric Square Ring – $2500
Infinity Band – $500
Double Letter Charm Pendant with White Diamonds – $550
Diamond Brooklyn Bridge Ring – $380
Brooklyn Bridge Ring – $240
Brooklyn Bridge Ring Set – $520
aurate diamond rings
Diamond Snake Ring with White Diamonds – $2000
Diamond Infinity Ring – $1500
Huggie Earrings with Bezel – $480
Mini Letter Charm Pendant with White Diamonds – $450
Diamond Bezel Ring – $150
Birthstone Bezel Ring – $100
Engravable Signet Ring – $220
Pave Diamond Hamsa Earrings – $550
Crossover Ring – $550
Pave Diamond Zodiac Necklace – $520
aurate jewelry review
Bold Diamond Stacker Ring – $950
aurate ny review
X Ring with White Diamonds – $950
aurate hoop earrings
Hoop Earrings – $800
Pearl Ear Chain Threader – $440
aurate jewelry review
Diamond Bar Square Ring with White Diamonds – $600
Cuff Earring with White Diamonds – $580
Mini Wraparound Ring with White Diamonds – $400
White Diamond Ring – $350
Birtstone Solitaire Ring – $220
Aurate Jewelry Review
Midi Gold Bar Anklet – $200
Birthstone Anklet – $200
Pearl Anklet – $150
Aurate Jewelry Review
Simple Pearl Ring – $300
Aurate Jewelry Review
Oval Swoosh Hoop Large – $480
Oval Swoosh Hoop Medium – $450
Swoosh Hoop Small – $250
Aurate Jewelry Review
Gold Herringbone Chain Necklace – $360
Aurate Jewelry Reviews
Circle Earrings with Diamond Bar – $480
Bold Ear Cuff – $200


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