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How not to Buy Maternity Clothes When Pregnant

August 14, 2017
oday I decided to write about maternity clothes that don't look like maternity clothes.

Today, I decided to write about maternity clothes that don’t look like maternity clothes. I am very busy with my last weeks of pregnancy unexpected pregnancy problems and lastly about my new house. Because of all these things going on, I can not write about any of the style posts or even write about my internet series as much as I wanted to.

My plan was to write as much as possible before babies arrive but look at my luck that we can not get the FiOS right away because nobody uses the Fios before us in this new building. So we are waiting for the Verizon install everything from scratch our new building.

In fact, Arriana and I did this shooting few weeks ago. So I finally find a chance to write about it. This is actually one of my favourite looks for a long time. I missed being mischevious with my looks. This dress neither may be the most interesting one I ever style. But I liked the use of the yellow aviator to break the total classic look.  I also want to emphasise of maternity clothes that don’t look like maternity clothes. I just bought the L size of this dress. But the result looks like I wear a maternity dress.

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Dress: Scotch and Soda
Shoes: Prada (a bargain price on eBay)
Bag: Chanel (cheaper vintage)
Sunglasses: from Venice Beach (similar from Urban Outfitters)

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I feel like I enjoy wearing colours during my pregnancy so much. Because when I look my wardrobe I generally see colours like black, navy etc or I rarely have something in print.


I usually like single colour clothes and elevate them with my shoes or my bag or with my accessories. This is one of these rare print dresses I really enjoy to style.

The dress in very special one from Scotch and Soda. It has the great textile that won’t make you sweaty and It’s very flowing one. And I wanna wear my Pradas before my feet get swollen (It is not good right now, the only thing I can wear is my Birkenstock :). I love to wear maternity clothes that don’t look like maternity clothes. I don’t really wanna buy the clothes that I can really never wear again. The only thing ever I bought from maternity section is my baby shower dress from Asos Maternity.

This Chanel bag is my favourite bag of all time. It was a gift from my sister in law. I know I am very lucky 🙂 This bag is perfect for any kind of look. It is good to invest these kinds of classic pieces that you can wear forever and even leave to your children. I don’t what I am gonna do with two girls. I see the future. Definitely gonna be a fight over my bags or my shoes.