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My Baby Shower for the Twins and Updates from Week 30

July 26, 2017

We celebrated the arrival of our baby girls with close friends and families in our all DIY baby shower. everything was so good, people enjoy a lot and we all eat sweets to death! 🙂

I want to thank my dear husband Fatih for helping me to organise things. And my dear Melissa who was more than a host but a calming friend while we prepare our DIY buffet. She didn’t hesitate a second to offer her rooftop when I struggle to find somewhere nice with a garden and a good setup. It’s very hard to do a nice organisation with a great outdoor space in New York.

It was really one of the most wonderful days of my life. Everybody was there I love so much except our families and some best friends from Turkey. I wish they were with us this beautiful day to celebrate our mini alley girls 🙂

I picked this white dress from Asos Maternity because that was the best fit from all other picks. Actually purchased three dresses to be safe. 🙂 and my shoes were Manolo Blahnik that one of the few still fit my bloated feet. I only have a little mascara and rosy cheeks to have a natural look. And believe or not but I did my own braids. I was planning to go to Amika Williamsburg but I really don’t have any time to go. So decided to do my own hair. And I think I did a pretty good job.

I bought almost everything from Amazon and DIY decorations for my flutes, and treat bags. Melissa and I prepared chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows which generally I don’t like it but It was perfect with the shredded coconut. My dear friend Deniz helped us with fruit skewers and she surprised me with her DIY Hershey’s mini chocolates. Amanda who you know from prepare our games. Check how funny these photos are.

trying to pick cutest baby drawings…

The mango rose water cake was from Dominique Ansel. The cake was delicious and everybody was asking where we bought it but we had an incident with them because they keep waited for us for 1 hour even though we had an appointment to pick up the cake. And the tarts’ creme wasn’t set properly so It was like this when It was at home. We somehow manage to fix it.

AFTER (I can’t show the whole photo because my babies name are on it:)

This was one of my calmest days. I generally become so overwhelmed with the small problems. Because I am a Virgo who is a very perfectionist I made upset myself, even more, when things go wrong. I let it go this time and everything turns great. We managed to fix the cake. Even, the rain stopped before my baby shower started. I think I already become a mum. (Mums are generally having this miraculous calmness toward the things go wrong. I never thought I become one like this.)

Moon and Star have a major role in this baby shower.


Some Updates from Week 30

Today, I am 30 weeks and 5 days, even though I am trying to enjoy and cherish these last weeks, It’s getting really hard for me. I was sleepless all night long after the long day of preparation of my baby shower. I still have heart burn wake ups. On top that I start to have this very annoying itching all over my body (except my belly, very weird). It has been a crazy journey still I feel very blessed whenever I think about my lovely girls.

And finally, I want to thank you all who are supporting me and making me so happy with lovely comments all the time. You can’t imagine how excited I am.

My feet could not stay longer in my Manolo’s

DIY Items I Bought From Amazon

Acrylic 4 Tier Cupcake Tower – $17
Circle Paper Decoration, 4pkt – $17
Pink Pearls – $6.50 (I used pearls with bows to decorate flutes)
Ribbon with Twist Tie – $14 (I used ribbons with pearls for flutes, and ribbons with tiny pacifiers for treat bags)
Acrylic Tiny Pacifiers – $5.75
Treat Bags for popcorns – $4.79
70-inch white table cloth – $13.57
Platic Champagne Flutes, set of 12 – $7
4 colour Sparkle star Cupcake toppers – $8
Paper Straws – $9 (I used paper straws for marshmallows)
Wooden Single Letters – $8.50
Mini Decorative Coral Flowers – $5 (I used the flowers to decorate the letters)
10 White Star Balloons – $8.96
Pastel Pink Crescent Ballon – $8.31