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One Pregnancy Dress Gem: Anthropologie

July 21, 2017

The biggest question that every single one of us asking: “what am I gonna wear today?”. This question becomes your way of thinking when you are pregnant. Because you have different variations of this question like “What should I eat so I don’t throw up?” or “How should I sleep so I don’t wake up every 1 hour because of my heart burn” etc.

Even though I am a half fashion blogger, I didn’t wanna but maternity clothes during my pregnancy. (what people expect from a fashion blogger? No matter what different styles and clothes in any occasions I guess ?!) It was really hard to resist Asos Maternity section, though. Because they have the cutest stuff for people who don’t mind buying maternity clothes.

I try to be logical about spending my money. I didn’t wanna buy the dresses probably I never ever wear again. Instead, I bought/buy the dress with the larger size than my normal size. Some may think It doesn’t make sense to buy large dresses either because when you lose your weights (please God this is the case for me as quickly as possible, finger crossed) you can’t wear larger sizes. Nope. It’s not the case for me because I love to wear oversize stuff for decades. My brother didn’t understand my style choices for a very long long time. This oversize thing is one of them.








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Dress: Anthropologie
Bag: Gucci Soho
Shoes: Gucci
Sunglasses: Quay Australia
Earrings: Koton

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I bought so many oversize dresses from a bunch of different brands but I think I enjoy the most this Anthropologie’s dress. It’s so comfy that you can travel with this dress, rock the beach summer look and be the cutest mum to be around..



Also, I really love the small pom-pom details, they are not over power the dress’ own texture and pattern

I have so much love for Anthropologie’s dresses so I decide to pick my favourite ones here.

All these dresses are great for your pregnant belly. Just order one size larger or L size if you are at the end of your pregnancy.

So what do you think about my picks from Anthropologie? And what is your favourite brand for pregnancy maternity style?

P.S. Huge thanks to my dear friend Marian Yip for photos.