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Business Style – A Look with Spring Twist

March 23, 2017

I want spring so bad. I was wearing all plain and white looks lately. Enough is enough. I want my colors back. 🙂 Yes, I haven’t shown any business style lately, so I decided to show you this colorful little casual business style look.

I showed this red blazer multiple times (see herehere and even here I said “red blazer means spring“. I’m very serious about this blaze jacket) but I think It’s very nice to use an attire over and over with different styles.  There are some investment pieces and some trendy seasonal pieces that we’re obsessed for one or two seasons. A nice cut black blazer is a must we know that but I think It’s good to have one or two nice color blazers. Apparently, this red blazer is one of them for me. But this is not an expensive one. I actually bought this blazer from Forever 21 for $22, 5 years back. You don’t have to pay fortunes to have a nice tailored jacket. (I want to buy a pink one so bad. Haven’t found a nice one yet. Send me if you’ve seen a nice one.)

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These embroidered jeans are so trendy right now. So you don’t have to pay too much money to have one of these. I picked some of my favorites for your in below. I bought this one from Zara’s winter discount. It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t show it until now (You’re gonna learn soon why I can’t do shots as much I used to do).

Blazer: Forever 21
Striped Shirt: Zara (old Season)
Embroidered Jeans: Zara (old season)
Belt: Asos
Ankle Strap Heels: Vince Camuto
Bag: Chanel (vintage)

I add my red blazer and embroidered jeans to have more casual and fun business style but this striped shirt makes everything so different. The striped shirt, dress or pant always make you more masculine. Did I tell you that I cried over a striped dress that I have so much love for it after I lost it somewhere between Istanbul and New York? You’ve seen this shirt with another red piece. Tell me why this shirt looks better with red? And which look is your favorite?




Finally, I want to thank my anklet chunky heels from Vince Camuto. I think this style of shoes is also another investment piece. They are never out of style. And they are great with jeans, knit dress and maybe even with an oversized shirt dress. Yet I don’t pay a fortune for these shoes. They are still available on Amazon for a very reasonable price.



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