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Every Color Day: Hidrellez

May 5, 2014

I really enjoy today’s weather. Finally Spring is coming to NY. While I am jogging at Central Park, I recognize that the trees start to be green end of April this year. It is kind of horrible the fact that global warming slapped us on the face this year. 🙁 As I remember in my childhood, trees were blossoming their flowers and growing their leaves around end of February.

This is why I want to feel spring spirit. I almost used every color of nature today. Mostly warm ones.

There is another reason for my warm spring colors today. Have you ever heard word “hidrellez”? If you don’t I want to explain a little about it. Hidrellez is a kind of festival that is generally celebrate by Turkish and Balkan people. It is basically celebration for spring. People generally make wishes on Hidrellez. You can read more detail about HIDRELLEZ on wikipedia. But what I want to explain is to you is How you should make your wishes on Hidrellez?

Firstly, write down your wishes to a piece of paper. Then you should find a kind of stream water like river or sea. Hudson or East River works for New Yorkers. Then tear your paper which has your wishes on it, finally scatter them to the river and then wait for your wishes become reality. 🙂

If you don’t have river or sea near by you, you can also use plant of rose. Some people bury their paper under roses, some people draw their wishes under roses on the ground and some of them hang their wishes to rose branches.

hidirellez4 hidrellez2


For last three years I scattered my wishes to rivers. Before that I generally  bury my wish paper to under rose. In my experience water works better. Almost all of my wishes came true.

FYI you should do that the night of May 5th trough May 6th. I wish all of your wishes come true this year!

Happy Hidrellez!




Jacket: Zara (old) similiars are here and here.

T-shirt is H&M, similiar is here .

Skirt is a vintage piece.

Shoes are  Crown Vintage.

Sunglasses are Fendi, similiar is here.

Necklace is Swarovski Classic Collection, similiar is here.

Bag is Calvin Klein (old), similiar is here.

Nail polish is bebe, smiliar is here.

My badges are from the event of Brooklyn Beta. I do know ” I am from the INTERNET “