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My 2016 with Bad Sides and Good Vibes

December 26, 2016

2016, Here we are. Another year yet come to end. 2016 was an interesting year for me. I think it is better to write my achievement and my disappointment about this year to summarize and to draw a picture of this another year of my life.

I want to start to things are disappointed for me. I want to finish my post with positives vibes so my 2017 can start with positivity.

See what happened in 2016 in my life. (When I write sentences like this I feel like why do you even care about my life, but then I think perhaps you have things to share with a stranger who doesn’t know about a single thing about your life. Sometimes that is the best thing to clear and erase all the bad feelings within you.)

I have two miscarriages this year. I never shared this before in here. I think It was the most devastating thing ever. I still don’t feel like I can share more about this. Maybe some other time.

I couldn’t get the raise that I more than deserved in my job. One more time I made the very same mistake I made years ago. I didn’t think myself over the company or people. But I finally learn about let it go a little bit and leave some things to the universe. (I still work on this, I still get angry about this sometimes.

So many attacks happened in my country this year, It is a very saddening thing to watch and do nothing. And the whole world became such a crazy place to live. We are getting apart from each other every day even more. It is very sad. This is my biggest wish from 2017. Please try to look greater picture to understand what is going on to the world.


I’ve been featured both print and online in Elle USA magazine. This is thrilling, I never been featured in a huge publication like this even in Turkey.

This followed by W magazine and Vogue last week.

I have a chance work with amazing brands like Robert Clergerie, Listerine, Journelle, Amore Pacific, Agnes B., Plymouth Gin,  Puma x DSW. I think getting more attention than ever, Thanks to all of you who read, like, comment or silently follow.

I finally feel like New Yorker after 5 years. (Duh!) I know It takes time but It is all about being confident to express myself. I am more confident with my English writings finally and know I still have so many mistakes but at least feel like my posts are clear now.

I travel to Great Canyon which one of my childhood dream. And I visited San Francisco which was my plan after college to go there and live there briefly.

I finally start to my Youtube Chanel. If you haven’t seen my videos yet, here is your chance to check it out!

I finally start to work on my book.

I’m glad I met Arriana. She is my behind the scene hero!

I got my green card this year. A little bit closer to become American.

So my 2016 was like this, nothing much but It made me today’s Betül. How was your 2016? Is it good, is it bad? or just eh?!

Be safe and be happy and stay awesome.