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Your Favourite Fashion Networking in NYC is Coming Back

January 1, 2020
Fashion Networking in NYC

It’s the first day of the new year and I am more motivated than ever. And I am ready to bring back my fashion networking in NYC event fashionMIND back.

I used to take new year serious so much for some reason I don’t put a name on now. Because I really don’t know the reason.

It’s like everybody is putting too much thought on it and I just follow the crowd and feel obligated to take seriously this new year thing. It always starts with the stress of the new year party. I have to have so much fun. Otherwise, I always felt like It’s a lost opportunity. I finally release myself from this non-sense thoughts.

I can look to the new year in a more purposefully way. I have my own reasons to wait for the new year. Every year is like a harbinger for me. Harbinger of the new things to achieve, the old things to fix, same things move further. I have one of those things. My fashion networking event fashionMIND Nyc.

fashionMIND: A Fashion Networking in NYC

I hosted fashionMIND event between 2015 – 2018. I tented to host my event while I was on cross country vacation last year in 2019 in different cities to keep meeting new people all around the country. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky to find a baby sitter in every city I stayed in. So I temporarily paused my event for a year.

Finally, fashionMIND, your favourite fashion networking in NYC is coming back this January. I am still looking for a space to host a grand coming back event. I am open for sponsorships can be for your space, for food and beverage or to event introduce your brand, service.

I am so happy to meet you again in person. That is the best part of my event. It has always been.

Please leave a comment on your questions and suggestions.

Let’s do this.