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Want Different Fashion Event? fashionMIND is for you!

April 8, 2015

One of the best things about blogging is meeting with new people. I almost get e-mails every months because of the interview I did with my close friend Mumin Erakbas. I shared my experiences about the quit my job and come to New York to unknown…

I start to get some e-mails and attentions because of It is actually really exciting to know people are following me and think my ideas and my sayings are important. I generally get compliment about my writing style and it feels super good. Because English is my second language and I try to write in this second language despite I have cultural barrier people do love my articles.

Isn’t it cool?

Anyway I got this “meeting with new people” job serious and do something about it and I host the very first fashionMIND event last Thursday.

So What is fashionMIND?

fashionMIND is an event which is gathering people who are in fashion business, love fashion or change career for fashion ambition. We are coming together ever month’s first Thursday’s morning   from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

The idea of meeting in the morning instead of after work getting inspire by other minds just like you before go to office. And It is really nice habit to get up early even once in a month.

It is all free. You just come to Caffe Bene near by Union Square and grab a coffee and join the conversation about whatever you like.

You might be a fashion blogger,
You might be a PR professional,
You might be an entrepreneur,
You might be a photographer,
You might be a fashion designer…

share your knowledge, find new partners for future business opportunities.

And you know what drinking good coffee with fashion minded people is fun!


drinking Turkish coffee in Istanbul was really fun, too.

We were 4 people at the beginning. I will be there as long as I can. So don’t hesitate and say hello to girl who has name tag written Betul (a.k.a. alleygirl).

See you at next fashionMIND event,

until then stay awesome!