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Spring Culottes Style with Fringe Sandals

April 18, 2017

I love culottes in every season. I wonder why I didn’t work on any culottes look during winter time but they are one of my favorite office looks during spring time definitely with the stylish shoes.

Even though the weather is not good as I wanted, I’m still very enthusiastic about my spring office look. I want to show you something classic with a modern twist. I love these oversized tops. They are very modern and stylish. I never feel oversized with these kinds of tops.


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When my friends tell me they don’t feel comfortable to wear these kinds of style, I’m very surprised. One of them tells me even when she wears high heel everybody looks her like she overdresses for work. (She also works for a stylish tech company.) I had an objection in the first place about being tech girl and not wearing fashionable.

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Top: Nu New York (something similar but very expensive)
Culottes: Zara (similar)
Sunglasses: LA Venice Beach
Clutch: Cashhimi (cute version)
Sandals: H&M (similar)
Lipstick: Este Lauder


There is this understanding in my area that if you are somehow related to tech startups, you probably wear very comfortable but not necessarily fashionable clothes.

This look is one of the most comfortable looks. I just polished my look with my fringe shoes but that is still very subtle in my opinion because of the black color. Colorful fringe is very tasty without being too much.



Another good point about my looks is the price. Nothing in this look over $100. Every piece is from very reachable brands yet, the total look still, has an expensive looking. (I hate this “expensive looking” term that some publication uses a lot. Can you suggest something else?)





I hope you like this look as much as I’d like to wear. 😉