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May 2019 Favourite Things: Topshop Sandals Baguette Bag

May 27, 2019
100% Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Here we go at the another month’s end. One close friend told me years ago when you have kids the time passes faster than ever. He can’t be more right than that. I don’t even know we almost finished the half of the year.

And yet here is another blog post about my favourite thing of May 2019. I bought and received so many great products this month. And I want to share my the most favourite products from this month. Let’s check “May 2019 Favourite Things: Bare Republic, Topshop Sandals and Baguette Bag, ONecklace”

ONecklace Mother and Daughter Necklace

I am always looking for new designers and new brands. Since evolving to more of a lifestyle website than a personal blog, I need to be updated for all the new brands, services and products. And I recently came across to ONecklace has so many different designs and style. You don’t only personalize a necklace with your name but also the chain, length, material and also clasp etc. I think It’s a genius idea to make personalization into all these dimensions.

Mother Daughter Birthstone Bar Necklace Set – $64.95

I bought this mother-daughter necklace for myself as a gift for mother’s day. Since mother-daughter necklace came with three different necklaces, I picked the different lengths for all three of them and go with my twin’s birthstone, sapphire. Also, check out my new name necklace. I am so impressed by their service. Because they really use the letter “ü” in my name. Forget about this letter most people still approach me as “hey alley” which is definitely not my name.

Chloe Octagon Sunglasses

I can’t believe in these sunglasses. It’s so different but trendy at the same time with a call back to 80s. It looks so sophisticated yet chic. I don’t know how many more adjectives that I can use for it. Every time I wear these beauties, I feel like I am a superstar. Maybe it’s because I am in LA right now I haven’t decided it yet but there is no question that these sunglasses are so beautiful.

CHLOÉ Octagon-frame gold-tone sunglasses – $400 (Net-a-Porter)
SHOP (Saks Fifth Avenue)

Topshop Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are huge in this season. And I can’t stop myself to buy a new pair of shoes every now then. I know It’s insane but they are extremely comfortable and at the same time they look so good in my opinion.

First I bought a pair from Zara last month and then I saw these new pairs from Topshop and go wild and bought it right away.

topshop sandals baguette bag
Topshop STRIPPY Black Heeled Sandals – $80

Topshop Dee Stone Embedded Baguette Bag

I have to thank one of my favourite chic bloggers GlamDapper. Rosanna was wearing this bag in their cruise vacation last week. And I absolutely fall in love with bag immediately when she shared it in her Instagram stories.

It looks so beautiful especially for going out outfit. Definitely a must for a city chic girl.

topshop sandals baguette bag
Topshop Dee Diamante Buckle Shoulder Bag – $52 $26

Bare Republic Sun Screen

I am so insanely obsessed with Bare Republic’s sunscreen. It gives you this natural glow but at the same time protecting your skin from dangerous sun lights. And most importantly It’s vegan and gluten-free. I am neither gluten-free nor vegan but I know most of my followers wants to know about alternative beauty brands and products. So here is an alternative product for my conscious followers.

topshop sandals baguette bag
Bare Republic SPF 30 Diamond Dust Holographic Shimmer Sunscreen Lotion – $6.79

Leave your favourite products blog posts in the comment so I can learn about all these new products.

This post is published when I was in LA for 2 months during my slow cross country adventure.