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How to Travel When You are Pregnant

August 17, 2017
How to Travel When You are Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most meaningful and beautiful things you have in your life. But these feeling and thoughts are simply not enough to be comfortable around. I am miserable since my last trimester so It’s a blessing but It’s hard. Traveling during pregnancy can be also hard but It can be super nice at the same time to go somewhere before your minis arrive. This is why I decide to write about my guide about “How to Travel When You Are Pregnant?”

What is the best time to travel when Pregnant?

Everybody has different struggles or problems during pregnancy. Personally, It was horrible for me for first three months. I constantly have morning sickness if I don’t get my nausea pills I throw up until 2 pm in the afternoon from the morning. The only things can calm me down were acai bowls and pizza.

Even though my morning sickness went anywhere until 6 months, my body learned to manage not to throw up if I don’t use my pill every day. I was giving break sometimes because nausea pills bring some other problem with it. So I started to enjoy my second trimester and Fatih and I decide to go Istanbul, Maldives and Dubai for a month long vacation. Since we are expecting twin girls, we are not able to go to Turkey anytime soon.

Long story short, generally the second trimester is the best time for vacation. But you don’t suffer from morning sickness first three months best for Europe vacations. Because you walk too much in those vacations.

What to wear on the plane when pregnant?

I am one those lucky ones my feet and fingers didn’t get bloated until 7 months. I know some people get bloated right away. If you are afraid of becoming of those, the stockings (flight socks) are a must. When I told my doctor about our vacation plans she told me to buy those socks right away and advised me to walk during the flight.

I didn’t think through this but I was in just in the moment of stretching my pelvic floor. So I have this incredible tailbone pain through my fights. That also continued during my Maldives vacation. Even sitting for a while in the breakfast made me so uncomfortable. Back supporters may help you if you have the same issue.

I prefer to wear simple t-shirts and leggings made from soybean which is incredibly comfortable because of the material It breathes so you have extra air comes through your body. And don’t forget to add daily pads if you have a leak problem when sneezing or a cough.

Arranging Hotel Rooms, Plane Seats and Restaurant

This part is important. Especially for the plane seats. If you are not a crazy rich person can not effort business class, listen to me. Ask at the check-in counter if the plane is full or there are some seats available. You can also ask about the upgrading your tickets to business. Sometimes you pay as less as $100 for upgrading your seat if your ticket’s class is not too low. If you are a regular coach passenger, ask to block the seat nearby you and tell them you are pregnant and you need that extra space. If there are seats available, they always do that for you.

Inform hotel up front you are pregnant and tell them about if you have any allergy that harms you or your baby. And you can have weird requests as mine. I ask for ice from our hotel in Maldives. Because I was craving ice (still craving it) and extra pillow and pillow mists (this is the best thing ever to have a delightful sleep).

Don’t forget this is going to be your last vacation ever without your children at least until a certain age. So don’t worry about how to travel when you are pregnant just start to your vacation plans. See how beautiful my babymoon was and I am very glad we did this. It was the best time during my whole pregnancy. Because you need to be spoiled…