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Content Strategy Examples for Fashion Bloggers

March 5, 2018

Writing is a passion for me. Yet, I sometimes struggle to find a new subject to write about. This is why It’s a challenging job to do.  And this is why I decided to give you some of my new strategies for content creating. This is something new that I recently decided to do. I am going to share the result once I hit at least 5 different themes. Let’s see the closer look at my “Content Strategy Examples for Fashion Bloggers”. But before we start, you should read my content calendar example for fashion bloggers.

Dress: Asos (similar here and here) | Bag: Mon Purse | Shoes: See by Chloe (same here) | Hat: Isabel Marant Etoile | Sunglasses: Mango (similar) | Rings: Asos and Bauble Bar

Daily Contents

Focusing on a Single Product

I am a huge shoe lover. I even created a hashtag for it “#alleygirllovesshoes“. (If you wanna use it, feel free.)  So decide what is your favourite one thing and create a content theme around it and bam!! You have a new content subject. For example for shoes specific, you can create “5 strap shoe challenge.” You can create individual looks for same strap shoes or you can have 5 different strap shoes to create different style options. You may think who can buy 5 different strap shoes but there are amazing websites like Asos with very affordable yet chic options. Check all these amazingly beautiful but very affordable strap shoes.

Please see one of my favourites bloggers Mary Orton’s 30 Days 30 dress challenge. I think It’s a bit intense to do something for 30 days. You should start with 5 days as I do. 🙂

Monthly Contents

If you still feel overwhelmed with 5 days challenge, you can start even less. Think about your niche and try to create the article series monthly about that niche. I have couple of these monthly content series. One of them helps me to think about the past month. It’s a good practice to check my monthly progress and helps me to place my blog as an authority on that subject. For example, check my latest Looking back to February 2018 for Fashion Technology Trends People who are interested in fashion technology can easily visit my blog for that article to see what happened in fashion technology area monthly.

I have also fashion week review series I just created about NYFW but planning to write a couple of brands from London, Milan and Paris. I have also this new series of emerging designers and brands. I only create a list for now but I am gonna review all these brands closely soon.

Please also check my blogger crush interviews. I simply take a closer look at my favourite blogger friends’ life and make an interview with them. You can find my other series of content calendar sample post.

Seasonal Trend Theme

This is going to be my first theme for this year. As you all know we all crazy about lilac this year. It’s the colour of this upcoming season. You can find so many different styles and options for this colour. So I’ve already created 5 different styling options with lilac. Since I hate shopping bloggers who called themselves “fashion bloggers” I don’t want to do the same mistake as only focusing on product to get the affiliate revenue. (I am also using affiliate links but my number priority showing you the different style options. This is why you can see so many old season pieces from my looks) and decided to go and really purchase things in lilac to do a styling to give you a real clue. I don’t like only putting together some pieces from the online stores. I love to see real street style looks.

Progress Posts

You can easily create weekly or monthly progress posts about a specific topic. This can be about your newborn baby’s monthly changes, your blogging job, or your weight. Even though you are fashion specific blogger you can set a goal for yourself for something you want to improve yourself, share your learnings and journey with your followers. I don’t have a series related to doing this one. I prefer social media to follow my progression but I can easily create one about my twin girls or my weight loss or my blogging traffic results or my earnings.

This might feels a little bit different from the others because you are gonna share something very personal about yourself. But most of the times your followers are following you because of your personal lives.

I hope you enjoy my Content Strategy Examples for Fashion Bloggers list. I am curious about your strategies. Please comment on this post about yours and send me your theme links. I can’t wait to see your ideas on this topic.