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5 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks For Influencers in 2021

January 18, 2021

2020 has been a blast of a year. Back to back so many things happened. I am not going to make this another blog post talking about how bad the Covid 19 situation. Every single one of us aware of it and experienced it as a worldwide effect.

Since many Americans lost their job, influencers were no different. I remember how I lost all of my freelance clients and influencer gigs around mid-March. First I was angry, then I was devastated and finally, I accepted the fact of Covid’s effects are here to stay, I decided to face up my affiliate marketing efforts. It has been interesting to make the experiment definitely. And When I was experimenting I tried different affiliate marketing networks.

Affiliate Marketing Networks
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And here are my top 5 Affiliate Marketing Networks that love to use every single day.

5 Affiliate Marketing Networks That You’ll Love

Fluz App

Technically Fluz app is not an affiliate marketing program. But I get smarter and smarter to make more passive income with my links. And I think Fluz is the best thing in the market in terms of how you create a network to feed you when you sit back and watch its growth.

Fluz is a cash back app. And seriously I have never thought about saving money with the cashback method. Always thought, It’s too much job to even think about it. The app is actually a digital gift card platform and when you purchase a gift card from the merchant you want to shop by, the app gives you a couple of bucks back. It’s as simple as It can go.

The best part of it is that the voucher program. Fluz gives up to 35% cashback to selected stores like CVS, Starbucks, Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, Chipotle and so many others. Most of these stores are everyday purchase stores. It’s a great way to save 35% every day. Click the button below to signup with my referral link so you can earn THREE 35% cashback vouchers. Or you can try to add my Referral code to your Fluz account “ALLEYGIRL”.

Share A Sale -Affiliate Marketing Networks

Share a sale on one of the best affiliate networks I use religiously. I make most of my affiliate revenue from this network. I think they have a very competitive commission and also I always receive extra bonuses for my first sales etc.

Also, I love using Share a Sale for business services like Tailwind for Pinterest or Tailwind for Instagram, Masterclass, etc.

The payout is also amazing, The payout period is not more than 2 months as some other networks make you wait up to six months which is insane and hard to track.

If you are interested in my blue light glasses in this photo if from Victoria Beckham.


Why is RewardStyle one of the best affiliate network? They are one of the best fashion related affiliate networks. You can find almost all of the brands under RewardStyle. And If you want to keep your earnings not scattered around so many different networks, It’s one of the best networks to keep everything in one place.

Their payout time is very long. Sometimes It takes five months get your payment. In some merchants their comission is very low. That’s other problem. Just decide how to plan your affiliate link strategies.

One other good thing about Rewardstyle is how fast their customer support team is. I love them for being so suppportive and responsive.

Here is my referral link if you want to join Rewardstyle.

Shopstyle Collective

Shopstyle Collective and Rewardstyle is kind of rival two networks. They always in a big competition of fashion, beauty and the lifestyle categories. I think since last 2 years Shopstyle Collective has a better rates than Rewardstyle. The reason must be that Shopstyle Colletive is acquired by Rakuten. And Rakuten is one of the most used affiliate network actually had a better rates than most others.


You probably know Rakuten as a cash back website. But in fact, Rakuten is a very old affiliate network. I know Rakuten for years even before I started in 2014. I start using them in my previous blog back in 2012.

Rakuten is probably the other platform you want to use because they are so big and in some retailers they an amazing commission rates. Also, It’s great to see brands like IRO Paris, Verishop, Veronica Beard, etc .

I will update this list according to your comments. Would like to hear your favourite affiliate tools and services. Let me know what your favorite earn money with internet marketing things are.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post but I might earn small commissions if you decide to sign up to any of these platforms.