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5 Coolest 100% Blue Light Blocking Glasses

April 19, 2020
100% Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Market Study Report, says the global market for blue light eyewear will increase to $27 million by 2024, up from $18 million in 2019. It’s a myth or a reality. There is hype for blue light glasses, and the numbers won’t deny it. 

Today I will only talk for the trend but also tell you that doctors say the product does not necessarily help to prevent eye diseases. The way we use digital products to make our eyes healthy or not. If you genuinely have a problem, then give it a break to your digital device usage habits. The best way to do it is by reducing your time on your phone.

You can use apps to block the app you use the most. Most people use it for productivity, but you can also use it to reduce your screen time.

That’s that, but now I need to talk to you in fashion purposes. If you genuinely can’t make it without your phone or laptop and your job heavily depends on that, let’s find you the best possible glasses. I do the research for you on the internet and find these 5 Coolest 100% Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

5 Coolest Blue Light Glasses

You should understand that blu light that comes from our devices makes our brain not rest comfortably.

100% Blue Light Blocking Glasses
BLUblox 100% Blue Light Blocking Glasses – $109.95

Research shows blue light suppresses melatonin for more than twice as long as other visible light wavelengths.

Hillary Duff glasses
Muse x Hilary Duff Clara available with Blue Light Blocking Lenses – $63.75

This is why experts suggest that you shouldn’t be directed to TV, phone or any screen has blue lights just before go to sleep. 

blue light glasses
Socorros Aviator Stylish Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses $68

So If the lenses are more yellow is the better for coverage getting closer to %100.

BlueLight Blocking Glasses unde $50
J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses – $25

Now, I hear you Warby Parker looks so expensive but what I know from my experience if you buy something from Its expertise the better. Don’t I buy shoes from Zara or Mango? Yes, but If I find the same style in Sam Edelman, I prefer to go to Sam Edelman because It’s their expertise to make the shoes.
So with the same mentality, I prefer to go Warby Parker to buy glasses even though It’s more expensive. I am willing to pay that extra for the experience.

Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses
Warby Parker Alston – $95+$50 (for blue light blocking lenses) $145