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16 Patriotic Nails – 4th of July Nail Designs

This post will inspire you with the latest designs of Patriotic Nails.

This is that time of the year to get your nails ready to feel the joy of the 4th of July with stunning colors of red, white and blue nails. It’s never too late to join the party of having the joyous colors of our flag and have some fun during the July nails trend. If you don’t want to put too much effort on your 4th of July Outfit, you can definitely go all the way patriotic with your 4th of July nail designs.

As always I will find you the most, classy and modern designs for your not-too-much-in-it style. Here are some of my favourite not too over the top designs for the 4th of July nail designs.

All The Way Summer Nails Not so Much Patriotic Nails

not so much patriotic nails

If you are not in the mood to go all the way patriotic nails theme, you can ease your style with summer nails element with fruits deisgns. Fruit nails for the 4th of July is an excellent idea.

French Tips with Blue, Red, and White Elements

4th of July nail designs

All the nails start with a sheer nude base, with French tips are decorated with tartan design, some cherries and white flowers with red base and blue French tips. I think It looks fun and classy.

Subtle Stars + Stripes

4th of July nail designs

Doneby_jo created such a subtle way of starts and stripes theme with a bow design and pinkish stripes on the pinky finger.

Crocodiles, stars and Fruits

blue, red, white nails

Another different way to nod to the American flag colors and 4th of July nail designs elements with croc pattern and fruits which are no doubt must-haves of 4th of July parties.

Abstract 4th of July Nail Designs


This 4th if July nail designs also achieve if you want to be more of the modern side of this nail trend.


If you add some more 4th of July’s blue, red, and white colors to this abstract color design you can hint at your patriotic nails but still achieve a very modern style.


Simple and Chic


With the sheer base of your nails you complete the white task and add tiny stars in the color of red and blue and voila, your simple chic nails speak all volumes of your patriotic nail design.


What could be more simple than just the color set of Independence Day? I personally would like to go with more pastel tones of three colors. But this still looks very modern.

Oh My Stars


How simple and gorgeous these nails are?

Americans with Different Heritage

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The evil eye is so important from where I came from. I probably want to add a little bit of my home country’s heritage to my American pride 🙂 You can ask your nail technician to color the eye design red here you go American all the way 🙂

Sparkle Red White Blue


Flowers of Summer


You can switch orange with red or just go with a design to be not in your face American pride 😅

Fireworks are the Best Part of the 4th of July Nails