13 Cute Storytelling Summer Nails

Cute Storytelling Summer Nails Inspired by Stories You Love

Lately, I’ve started to see a lot of cute storytelling summer nails on my Pinterest feed. I normally prefer more minimal nail designs but these designs are flawless and very cute for summer vacation. Some of them are press on nails some of them designed by very talented nail artist but one thing common is they are incredible cute and I’m all here for it.

I want to share my latest obsession over these cute storytelling summer nails with you and here are some of my top favorite ones.

1. Peter Rabbit Nails

Peter Rabbit one of my favorite all time characters. And these nails are obviously made by a very talented artist.

2. Cruella Inspired Nails


These nails are little far from exactly Curella’s bold character but It’s giving the idea of clash between Cruella and her mother.

3. Elsa Inspired Nails


These nails are so pretty can be easily worn in your bridal shower or even wedding. But I got all the Elsa’ pastel blue vibes but not again in your face version of Elsa’s style here.

4. It’s giving Isabel Madrigal


Who doesn’t like Isabel Madrigal’s all flower dress. These nails gibing me Isabel’s bold style with all flowers. You can also have these nails when jut spring hits and you want all that colorful vibes of spring nails after a long NY winter 🙂

5. Sheldon Cooper’s plaid pants

Cute Storytelling Summer Nails

Most people rerun Friends multiples times a yar. that’s Big Bang Theory for me. I don’t know how many times I rewatch the entire series but It never gets old for me as sci-fi geek. And these plaid nails reminded me Sheldon’s infamous pants.

6. Love Letters to Greek Island of Mamma Mia

I love these white and blue nails looks like an expensive porcelain plates from DIOR but also these blue and white colors reminded me oddly enough Greek Island and beautiful scenery from Mamma Mia.

7. Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola

This color palette and the vibrant design reminded me Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

8. Pride And Predicious Nails


Who can’t forget Elizabeth Bennet’s beautiful sister Jane’s need works. This subtle pastel design right away brought Pride and Predicious to mind.

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