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Visiting Wizarding World of Harry Potter First Time and My Eyes Watered

May 3, 2019

OK, I am not lying, visiting Wizarding World of Harry Potter first time and my eyes watered, literally. I was so excited to see Diagon Alley for real. How can I not cry?

As you’re gonna see in my video, I’ve read the books for the first time when I was 15 years old. And before reading it I was making fun of all my friends. Because I was trying to be the cool high schooler who thinks HP was the kid’s book. And every single of my friends were reading like a crazy between the breaks in the school.

One day, my best friend and I decided to go to movie and fortunately there was no other movie other than Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone. We ended up going to this movie. And after movie I was impressed. I had no other choice but the read the book that I already have had in my house (I didn’t bought it though, my uncle bought it and gave to me.) I’ve finished to book in 2-3 days. Then I decided to ask one of my classmate to lend me the second book. After I finished the second book, I was on the hook. I asked my same friend to lend me the third book even though at the very same time she was reading it. Yes I know, I was Harry Potter crazy now.

I persuaded her to give the book just for a day and promised her to bring back book the next day. I did it and read 396 pages in a day. All I was thinking and living were Harry Potter. I was so sad that I was 15 so that means my letter has never arrived. Damn. I was also sad that I read the whole story in a day so what I was going to do without the rest of the story. OMG!!! That book was like a crack for me. So I took the 4th book in slowly. I completed the last book in 3 days and the whole series to the day and when the F the 5th book was going to publish? 2 years later.

So this is how my Harry Potter journey has been started. And I talked about it here more how the book helped me to improve my English.

Finally, after all these years, my partner in crime surprised me with a beautiful day trip to Universal Orlando. As you can see, we only recorded my first reaction to the Diagon Alley. I kind of get so excited and forget about the rest of the video of the trip. I am not regretful though. Because my dreams come true. And I have the best plans for my twin babies when they get old enough.