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There is Something Wicked About New York

December 16, 2016

I don’t know who is the craziest? me or New York weather? Even though the light of my photos is great, It was a very cold day when we did this shoot. New York is insanely cold since last week and getting colder and colder. I’m even ok with 0 Celsius now as a born and raised Mediterranean.

In fact, I’m always cold even in winter of Mediterranean. Then I’ve lived in Istanbul which is little bit northern I was still same amount of cold. I live in New York for 6 years now and I’m still same amount of cold in general. But this couple of days I feel like nope I can’t take it anymore. My nose hurts when I inhale. But there is something wicked about this city, even with craziest coldest winter is fun in here.


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And you can still wear this thin jacket and give the coolest pose for the camera as you are not feeling anything with bare feet.

I finally show some of my Black Friday purchases. I spent too much money, So I shouldn’t spend any money probably next 2 months! Guys, Don’t do what I did. It is painful when you try to figure it out how to pay back 🙁

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Blazer Jacket H&M x Balmain
Knit Sweater Forever 21
Ripped Relaxed Fit Jeans ZARA
Stripe Kitten Heel Mule/Shoes ZARA
Bag ZARA (old)
Lipstick MAC (Ruby Woo)


[dahz_framework_single_product id_1=”2617″ id_2=”2638″ id_3=”2639″ id_4=”2640″ product=”Blaque Label Easy Blazer (on Sale Now $135.80)” url=”″]

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This is one of my favorite style piece ever. It’s really hard to make any mistake with a classic blazer like this. I wore this blazer as a dress at Jack Daniel’s Motel 7 party last year. I wore it with French Girl’s stripe sweater last year. I never tried to wear with a long skirt before. Perhaps I should wear with my pleated skirt next time. What do you think?

[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”Black and White Stripe Kitten Heels” brand_1=”Zara (Similar Here)” url_1=”″ id_1_1=”2615″ id_1_2=”2635″ text_2=”Black Bucket Bag” brand_2=”Zara (Similar Here)” url_2=”″ id_2_1=”2616″ id_2_2=”2635″]

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By the way, did you guys like my new theme for It takes much more time to edit a post with new theme, because you can do so many things with the affiliate features but I think I is worth it.

I almost use every single feature in this post. It must be little overwhelming but I just want to see how many different styles that I can actually use with this new theme. I promise I’m gonna keep more simple in next posts.

Until next time, stay warm and awesome.

Eat orange and clementines. Keep getting vitamin C!!

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