There is Something Wicked About New York

I don’t know who is the craziest? me or New York weather? Even though the light of my photos is great, It was a very cold day when we did this shoot. New York is insanely cold since last week and getting colder and colder. I’m even ok with 0 Celsius now as a born and raised Mediterranean.

In fact, I’m always cold even in winter of Mediterranean. Then I’ve lived in Istanbul which is little bit northern I was still same amount of cold. I live in New York for 6 years now and I’m still same amount of cold in general. But this couple of days I feel like nope I can’t take it anymore. My nose hurts when I inhale. But there is something wicked about this city, even with craziest coldest winter is fun in here.


And you can still wear this thin jacket and give the coolest pose for the camera as you are not feeling anything with bare feet.

I finally show some of my Black Friday purchases. I spent too much money, So I shouldn’t spend any money probably next 2 months! Guys, Don’t do what I did. It is painful when you try to figure it out how to pay back 🙁

Blazer Jacket H&M x Balmain
Knit Sweater Forever 21
Ripped Relaxed Fit Jeans ZARA
Stripe Kitten Heel Mule/Shoes ZARA
Bag ZARA (old)
Lipstick MAC (Ruby Woo)

Blaque Label Easy Blazer (on Sale Now $135.80)
Buy Now


This is one of my favorite style piece ever. It’s really hard to make any mistake with a classic blazer like this. I wore this blazer as a dress at Jack Daniel’s Motel 7 party last year. I wore it with French Girl’s stripe sweater last year. I never tried to wear with a long skirt before. Perhaps I should wear with my pleated skirt next time. What do you think?

Black Bucket Bag

Zara (Similar Here)



By the way, did you guys like my new theme for It takes much more time to edit a post with new theme, because you can do so many things with the affiliate features but I think I is worth it.

I almost use every single feature in this post. It must be little overwhelming but I just want to see how many different styles that I can actually use with this new theme. I promise I’m gonna keep more simple in next posts.

Until next time, stay warm and awesome.

Eat orange and clementines. Keep getting vitamin C!!

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  • Alicia

    I’m from the Caribbean and I’ve been living in Canada for 15 years and every winter I wonder how I made through the winter before. It’s brutal! But let’s talk about this look – so many elements that I really love. I’m a huge Zara junkie and I wear Ruby Woo pretty much every day so there’s that. Love the kitten heels and the blazer is just stunning. Love it!

    • Hey Alicia,
      Who am I talking about cold?! I respect deeply people who live in Canada and make it through. <3
      I'm glad you like my look. It was not easy but great to make this shooting while people are looking at us like "Are you crazy, girls?"

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