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3 Easy Meditations To Add To Your Morning Routine by Chaylin

January 25, 2019

I find that when you begin your day with a clear, relaxed mind the rest of what you encounter throughout the day seems to flow rather than clash with your personal atmosphere (i.e. your mood). And who doesn’t like having a smooth, conflict-free day? Why don’t you have a look at 3 Easy Meditations To Add To Your Morning Routine by Chaylin- by me. 🙂 It’s a very…

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Club Pilates is Going to Make You Love Pilates

January 21, 2019

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Club Pilates. As you know my slow cross country vacation started with Miami. I wasn’t very sure about leaving New York for so long. But Miami was surprisingly good. I found this new neighbourhood called Wynwood and It’s very familiar home like feeling to me. It’s very similar to Williamsburg – my home for the last 4 years. But…

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There Is No Way Postponing My Resolutions After These Products

January 15, 2019

After I created my new year resolutions, I decided to move on really quickly. Somehow I always ended up postponing my resolutions. So I’ve started pilates right away. And decided to return my daily gym routines as well. I haven’t done any work out for so long. Because I am unfortunately not that kind of girl who goes to her gym no matter what. Since we are travelling…

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Quick Protein Breakfast for Moms Who Battle with Their Twins

January 10, 2019

After I’ve finished with my intense fat loss diet, I needed a healthy quick protein breakfast and lunch solutions for my daily eating routines. When I made a little search for quick protein breakfast solutions, I came across with frozen cakes, pancakes mostly. What I was looking for is something with protein, grain and maybe some greens. Lucikly Healthy Choice send me this great two bowls me to try. I received…

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Want To Escape The Matrix Energy? Put Your Cell Phone Down and Look UP

October 16, 2018

Have you noticed your energy is being depleted, all of having your phone in your hand? Has your phone been turned off by a personal choice or because the battery died completely? If it doesn’t apply, let it fly like fall leaves gusting by from the wind rhythms. If it does, must I continue into a brief depth of consciousness? So here put your cell phone down for…

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How to Travel When You are Pregnant

August 17, 2017
How to Travel When You are Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most meaningful and beautiful things you have in your life. But these feeling and thoughts are simply not enough to be comfortable around. I am miserable since my last trimester so It’s a blessing but It’s hard. Traveling during pregnancy can be also hard but It can be super nice at the same time to go somewhere before your minis arrive. This is…

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My Lost Pregnancies and Story of Successful One

June 5, 2017

Yes, I’m pregnant. It’s very interesting for me to share one of the most intimate things of my heart, of my family with the whole world. I have struggles to talk about my personal life openly from my blog. Because even though I share my daily looks and my daily routines with my followers, this is very different. But then, I decided to share my pregnancy story with the people…