Fashion is something I inspired a lot. Don’t how I ended up being fashion blogger but this is a true passion for me. I am not only a street style or shopping blogger. As a blogger, I truly adore designers of this world, not because of the glam and the lux but the philosophy behind of it, the art behind of it and the culture which has a huge impact behind of all the clothes we wear.

Emerging Designers and Brands

I proudly write about emerging designers and brands from all over the world. I am more than happy to feature this brands that I enjoy.

Fashion week is something very special for me. I am not only obsessed with it because of the runway shows and front row seat but truly curious about what our favourite designers gonna give us.

Reviews of this exciting week are something very fun to write about for me.

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Looking back to February 2018 for Fashion Technology Trends

February 26, 2018

I’ve decided to share my monthly review of events in fashion and technology business at the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, I’ve missed my January review. I don’t know how that happens to me all the time. Having kids changes everything. I really lost the sense of the time. Today, for example, I started my day at 3 pm for my work. Yet I actually started my day at…

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Lightweight WordPress Themes for Fashion Bloggers

February 22, 2018

You must have recognized that I’ve just changed my blog theme yesterday. A little bit out of boredom and little bit force by Fatih. The biggest drive was a need of fixing my speed issues on a WordPress theme. So I’ve decided to write “Lightweight WordPress Themes for Fashion Bloggers”. I’ve actually really enjoyed using my previous theme with affiliate marketing link supports. It has so many great features in theory but…

Fashion Fashion Week

NYFW Victoria Beckham 2018 Fall Collection Review by Alley Girl

February 16, 2018

There is the charm of the 10th year. While people keep criticizing if she is really a designer, I must tell I wasn’t a huge fan of Beckham’s work for last at least 2seasons. Wait for the juicy NYFW Victoria Beckham 2018 Fall Collection Review by Alley Girl. I have to admit, I thought Céline’s Phoebe Philo secretly come here and designed all these. You can still argue if…

Fashion Fashion Week

NYFW Zadig & Voltaire 2018 Fall Collection Review by Alley Girl

February 15, 2018

Zadig & Voltaire is probably my fav show in the entire fashion week. It definitely a showcase how you can upscale street style to luxury. Why don’t you sit tight to read NYFW Zadig & Voltaire 2018 Fall Collection Review by Alley Girl. Industry heavy 90s inspiration was there but slightly touching the collection with lace tights and leathers. Zadig Voltaire has all the colours not being cheesy and all…

Fashion Fashion Week

NYFW Philipp Plein 2018 Fall Collection Review by Alley Girl

February 14, 2018

Step aside Philip Plein is here to save NYFW. Even though I heartbroken that I haven’t invited to high tech savvy runway show (technology blogger speaking. Duh!!) you can’t believe how happy I am that we have a designer in the town to save the emptiness of NYFW. Buckle your seat belt, here is NYFW Philipp Plein 2018 Fall Collection Review by Alley Girl. He is everything that…

Fashion Fashion Week

NYFW Alexander Wang 2018 Fall Collection Review by Alley Girl

February 13, 2018

I love when a designer doesn’t forget about DNA of his being. This is why I didn’t hate when I saw same old black heavy collection from Alexander Wang. Sit tight! It’s time for NYFW Alexander Wang 2018 Fall Collection Review by Alley Girl. Even though It feels like same old Alexander Wang’s style, Wang definitely brings his A-list game and play with different silhouettes than he usually does.…

Being A Blogger Fashion

Why is It Important to Create a Content Calendar for Fashion Bloggers?

February 12, 2018

Oh boy! I miss those old days of blogging. Creating a content for every single day. It was easy back then we didn’t have Instagram, Snapchat. Twitter was becoming “a thing” around that time. There was a plenty of time and creativity back then. And now I have to create “Content Calendar for Fashion Bloggers Template”. It sounds like limiting yourself. It is very hard to be creative to write…


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