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Why do we Love 1990s Fashion Trends? Is it Lack of Creativity?

October 23, 2018

Why do we Love 1990s Fashion Trends?
Is it Lack of Creativity?

The last couple of years the 1990s are in the peak after briefly 1970s-80s take over our little fashion world. I didn’t feel sad about the 1970s trend that much. I am still a huge fan of Chloe’s Faye bag which reminds me of those good old years. Well then, Why do I have a problem with 1990s trends? First of all, since I was aware of half of the 90s I might get bored with those trends.

Secondly, my reason is hidden with my latest Sex and the City run over. I don’t know how many times I’ve been watching the series but to me, It’s just a fashion and style feast. Over the years I learned a lot from these quirky women. Years later I learned that I actually like Miranda the most. In my opinion, She is the most real person from all the other girls. But Carrie’s style choices are the reason I want to watch series over and over again. When I watch her my style sense get to recover from the current fashion trends.

So while I watch the series the other day It hit me. Why do I like the series this much? Because these are the years of fashion world become much more reachable and the most creative in a way the modern age’s people can understand.

That Christian Dior Newspaper Dress from John Galliano or the IT bag of the current season Saddle Bag from again Christian Dior, almost all the Manolo Blahnik shoes especially heel mules, the IT shoes of this current season’s transparent shoes from Prada…See so many of these trends are still relevant to today.

I couldn’t help but wonder;

Are they still relevant because modern day woman miss those good old days or Is it Lack of Creativity of the Fashion World?

I don’t remember when was the last time the coolest designer of our time hit the jackpot and become the It item without getting inspiration from the old times’ fashion trends.

Perhaps John Galliano’s 2015 mask design for Maison Margiela was the one thing excited me the most.

Thank God, we have these new emerging designer brands give us the fresh air from the old same boring design approaches. Like Danse Lente, Yuzefi, Neous etc.

All my reasoning of this post was actually my ’90s inspired Versace like dress from Zara. I think you understand what I am talking about now. All the thing get excites me from old trends. And I feel likes It’s because of our current day’s lack of creativity.