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What is Cost Per Click?

December 4, 2013

When I do my interviews cost per click (CPC) is one of the first terms I asked to my potential interns. Some says how a collage student can know that. And I’m telling them those collage students keeps bring that up “we live in information age we are more ahead of you argument”. So I am giving them an opportunity to make me proud of their age. If you are interested in marketing career, please check couple of terminology before you go to your interviews and It is really best way to learn about new stuff.

If I have to come back to CPC, It is what you hear basically. The money you pay for every click to get your website or whatever thing you get those clicks. If you have $50 budget for a day and you want to spend $0.05 for every click so you should get 1000 click to your website. And don’t forget to check your Google Analytics to see if you really get those 1000 clicks. When you start your Fb, Google or any ads, you should know these terms; CPC, CPS, CPL, CTR, RPM, eCPC etc or just follow my dictionary diary to know these stuff. Plus you don’t have to be a marketing person to know all these sh*ts. If you decide to be a business owner,again you should know this to spend your money more wisely. If you are planing to start a blog, you should know all these thing again.

CPC is one of the most known online advertisement term. It stands for Cost Per Click and it is close friend of PPC (Pay Per Click).