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What Accessories Help to Elevate The Simple Black Dress for Date Night

March 19, 2019

Fatih and I want to keep our date night is a must after we had the twins. It’s very important to keep things excited over the years. And the casual and regular date is a must for a long-lasting, successful relationship. It was really hard to keep our date night in order in Austin without a babysitter. But finally, we found someone to give us a “us time” for the first time for the last 2 months. So I decided to write about my latest date night outfit and the best way to write about it is “what accessories help to elevate the simple black dress for date night?”

The dress is available in multiple colours.

So I wanted to be a little sexy but at the same time in an easy style. I decided to wear a mini dress and go with my new favourite e-commerce site. FemmeLuxe has so many great options like this nice knit dress. This dress is so comfortable but at the same time has so versatile to do different styling.

What Accessories Help to Elevate The Simple Black Dress for Date Night


I decided to go with a little glam. I added this crystal belt. It gives an extra dimension to this simple dress. Even though the dress has plenty of cleavages to steal the show but sparkle makes eyes to distract from too much revealing. I always love being sexy but not as screaming.

-High Heel Boots

These high heel boots are probably one of my favourite shoes because they are very comfortable but at the same time make any look more elevated. If you are not very comfortable with high heels you can steal elevate this look with studded booties.

-Red Lipstick

Put a red lipstick and you change your bad mood. Red lipstick has this magic touch for any kind of look. So Even if I don’t add this high heels or crystal belt I steal look definitely vibrant with the red lipstick.

What do you think about my date night look? If you want to see other mini dresses and midi dresses click the links. And let me know how do you style your dresses.

Thanks for sponsoring this post. Femme Luxe Clothing:What Accessories Help to Elevate The Simple Black Dress for Date Night.

I wrote this post when I was in my seven and a half month-long slow cross country vacation. This is from Austin, TX.