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Twin Nursery Project for a Small New York Apartment

October 8, 2017

This is a very special project for me but It is a very hard one. Because I wasn’t ready until the very last minute. I call it “twin nursery project for small space”. Because It really is a challenge.

When I was in my last months of pregnancy, we haven’t still found our current apartment. And my old apartment’s extra room has no window. And the old apartment was north facing one, no direct sunlight. I want an apartment that is south facing so my babies can get a lot of sunlight. It is very healthy for them.

Twin Nursery Project
Many thanks to Secil Arslan who is my brother’s friend from Turkey for this beautiful handmade door decoration.
This bird decoration means wealth in our culture back in Turkey. People generally put these handmade birds to bring wealth and prosperity to their house. Having baby girl means also the same thing in Turkey. And surprisingly the gift from husband for the babies has the same meaning. A vintage diamond ring which has a shape o the grape.
Twin Nursery Project
Twin Nursery Project
Twin Nursery Project

Because I have twins and It’s very hard to fit everything into a small New York apartment. Luckily, we managed to find a south exposure, 2 bedroom apartment in Greenpoint.

First of all, I pick this room because It has its own closet space. So I save from a wardrobe that I potentially have to buy and put it into the nursery room. The second major thing about the nursery room is a crib. Luckily, I found this amazing new brand called Dream On Me for my babies. It’s very easy to assemble these cribs. Fatih built both cribs in half an hour. I really love how light and easy to push around these cribs even though they look very heavy and structured way.

Twin Nursery Project

Dream on me has really nice shapes and all different designs.We picked the one with the changing table. But we found out our room is a little bit small for to use the cribs attached to changing table. So Fatih found a way to use the changing table separately from the crib. I think they look beautiful this way too.

Our mattresses are from this new brand called Newton. They are 100% washable, and the airy cover also protects the mattress from a leaky diaper during long nights. Our babies are very young right now to have such issues, but I already have some problems with vomiting when I overfeed my babies. You can feel how airy and soft these mattresses when you touch them. Also, Newton Baby Mattress has 100 nights trial option. So you can’t go wrong with it. You can check the options from here.

Twin Nursery Project
A sneak peak to my birth gift from my husband.

I place this daybed for my mom who came from Turkey to help me. Planning to use it for a potential nanny for the future. I was planning to buy a white one but I think this navy colour gives a depth to the current colour combination.

Twin Nursery Project
Twin Nursery Project for Small NY apartment

I use the same letters from my baby shower to decorate their wall. And use tiny photos from our pregnancy journey to add more to their story. I really love these sparkle stars because their names (Bellatrix and Luna) come from the sky. And for my favourite books, I want to thank my dear friend Amanda and Melissa.

I love that we have a storage space but definitely didn’t like the previous door knobs. So I bought these giraffe shaped knobs from Anthropologie.

Twin Nursery Project

Finally, I picked a soft rug and these beautiful curtains from Amazon.

Thanks to Arriana for this last minute photo shoot.

Huge thanks to Newton Crib Mattress team for these healthy mattresses.

Thanks to Dream on Me team for these beautiful gifts.

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