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The Best Vero Networking Accounts for Fashion Lovers?

March 13, 2018

All we want to talk about in these days is Vero, the killer of Instagram. We’re gonna see about that if it can really kill the social media mogul. But If Vero can stay true t the core value of itself they can manage to make Instagram takes some actions about the social experience not too much about paid campaigns to make more money. So We’ve decided to check out Vero as our tech personality. We do (Betul used to do it) this reviews on technology websites, social media platforms or fashion related e-commerce websites etc. This time We want to check our experience with Vero.

T-shirt: Zara | Prom Skirt: Asos | Platform Wedges: Robert Clergerie | Tiny Bag: Urban Outfitters | Sunglasses: Quay

And decided to suggest our favourite fashion accounts you should keep eye on. So what are the Best Vero Networking Accounts for Fashion Lovers?

10 Best Fashion Bloggers on Social Network App Vero

The Best Vero Networking Accounts for Fashion Lovers

(We only give the usernames because Vero doesn’t support profile links yet)

1. Betul Yildiz (aka @alleygirl 555 followers)

We cannot resist to share you that our founder’s account. Betul decided to go with her personal account as separate than our @alleygirl account. While you can enjoy her eclectic style also dig into her fashion style findings and her daily music share and movies… She also loves to curate of fashion findings from Pinterest and Tumblr as well. she also shares her favourite style pieces from the current season. Really good ones.

2. Cocolla (196 followers)

Cocolla is one of our favourite accounts on Vero. she has white strong images not only showing fashion sense but also a lifestyle.

3. Elyse (108 followers)

Elyse is the beautiful founder of We love her everyday style and we are sure you are gonna love how effortlessly chic she is.

4. The beauty Issue (1.03K followers)

Maria is not the only fashion blogger but she also shares her travels from all around the world. It’s a very good idea to check her account and start to follow her asap!

5. Natasha_City (729 followers)

Natasha has this badass sharp styling and her photos as beautiful as her style. She is one of the “must-follow” accounts on the platform.

Have you seen our last post about content Strategy?

6. Lindsey Isaacs (844 followers)

Lindsey has a great taste in flatlay photos. She is the Chicago based Spikes and Seams owner and she is worth to follow.

7.Marilia Fraggi (676 followers)

Marilia is the Greek Goddess, she is a fashion designer and founder of She has a true street style of Brooklynite (we are not sure if she lives in Brooklyn but we dream of that) Don’t wait and follow her right here right now.

8. Eva phan (48 followers)

In the age of “followers numbers are everything” don’t be a fool of her follower number. She explained herself as “fashion designer, stylist, aspiring Blair Waldorf & travel bug victim. Witty words, pink peonies & slight sarcasm. ” We love to see a real like Blair Waldorf here and there.

9. Amanda Sosnicki (234 followers)

In our opinions, she is one of the most beautiful girls we’ve ever seen. There is nothing to do with a beautiful looking girl and fashion we aware of that but she is not only a beauty but also has a great taste of style.

10. Annelie’s style book (107 followers)

This Dutch beauty is the true millennial girl who has everything, lifestyle, fashion sense and fun. She is one of those girls that you wanna be friend with. So here is your chance to be a friend with her.

So what do you think about our “what are the Best Vero Networking Accounts for Fashion Lovers” list? Do you wanna add others. Go and comment we can enlarge this list. Just ask, that’s it!!!