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Elavate: Shop and Save the World Kind of Start Up

May 5, 2014

I recently heard about exciting and awesome start up called “elavate“ which has known brands / designers boutique. Elavate is not only a classic online store but also kind of fairy godmother who help trigger charity projects. Elavate‘ s core goals are; To support new and emerging brands/designers; small businesses, To help solve the global water crisis. I really love this kind of business model.  Actually this business…

Fashion Fashion Technology

Dress for The Day – The Ultimate Fashion Calculator

April 30, 2014

I came across Dress of The Day while I was browsing for Fashion start-ups on NY Tech Day website. The idea may not be genius but definitely useful. My husband always asks me when I come with a new business idea. What problem does it solve? So What problem does Dress for The Day solve? “Know exactly what to wear and where to purchase…” Basically you are going to choose occasion…