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Dress for The Day – The Ultimate Fashion Calculator

April 30, 2014

I came across Dress of The Day while I was browsing for Fashion start-ups on NY Tech Day website. The idea may not be genius but definitely useful. My husband always asks me when I come with a new business idea. What problem does it solve?

So What problem does Dress for The Day solve?

“Know exactly what to wear and where to purchase…”

Basically you are going to choose occasion you need and your personal style then the system calculate and pick the pictures from its datacenter which is added by manually. You have so many options to consider you have same look for the day. Looks are generally from streets mostly blogger styles. You can find tones of blogger looks in same place.

 In above you can see an example. I picked brunch/lunch as an occasion and contemporary for the style.

First I thought It doesn’t have a weather option and I found a look with fur. I know weather is shitty these days but not  as bad as to wear fur. Then I saw you the weather placement right side above. I just thought just shows me the weather situation but not. After I choose the right weather at now, It actually shows me the looks also depending on weather. Yayy! I love more now.


This is my second experience with it, I recognize I have  a tartan shirt I never wear it. In this awful weather It can be cozy. So guys Dress for The Day really works for me.

I know Shrads + Nish (who are the beautiful and energetic cofounders of Dress for The Day) have more plans about this new startup. So just keep in touch with them.

Until next article,

Stay Awesome!

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