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Being New Yorker in an Eclectic Style

June 2, 2017

I received so many nice feedbacks about my last Youtube video. Some didn’t know what I am doing on my Youtube channel before and they were so surprised. The reason, I started the Newest Yorkers series is because I’m one of them. I moved to the city in 2011. It was September. Just 2 days before my birthday. It was the craziest decision I’ve ever made. I actually need…

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The Vale Boutique and New Favorite Brand

September 5, 2016

The Vale Boutique is one my favorite boutiques in Williamsburg. This store is the very first one that I’ve visited when I moved to Williamsburg. I was there last week to show to my friend some of designer boutiques. She was complaining about Dubai’s crazy luxury shopping malls (She works in Dubai). So she wanted to find some original and nice stuff with reasonable price.  Luckily she liked…