Style Little Black Dress Looks on a Date in 3 Ways

February 6, 2019

Ah, the little black dress. A timeless addition to any closet. Whether you want to say, “I’m elegant,” “I’m sexy,” or “I’m going to a funeral,” (Let’s be honest most first dates are like funeral in a city like New York).  It’s the perfect go-to. Here are “Style Little Black Dress Looks on a Date in 3 Ways”.

Who Wore It Sexier, Miranda Kerr or Cat Woman?

Miranda Kerr definitely took the “little” from “little black dress” to heart with this extremeley brave choice… And I love every minute of it. What better way to represent a strong and sexy brand like Victoria’s Secret than throwing a risqué twist on a classic look? Neverthlese you may be little more safer than her chest area. But, come on, these men should learn It doesn’t mean if you wear little decollette that you are gonna go all the way from the first date. It’s all about choice.

Similar deep V Neck dress from Michael Stars

Pump it… louder!

Enhance your little black dress with a little bit of YOU. Heighten your look with a dramatic hairstyle like Adele’s. Although we cannot all be #blessed with thick luscious locks like this pop diva, even adding some more volume or curl to your usual blow-dry will make you feel more glamorous.

The velvet one with embroidery on the body from Self Portrait.

Walking on sunshine

Do you ever feel a tad boring when choosing an all-black ensemble? Well no fear, Brooklyn Decker has saved the day with her fabulous yellow pumps! Make your little black dress more playful with a bright colored accent shoe. It even gives you an excuse to sport your favorite black dress and give the hints about your personality to your date.

Vince Camuto Beige Black Little Dress
Yellow Shoes: Pedder Red ‘Rosie’ suede pumps