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Spotted with Dotted Skirt

July 20, 2014

This skirt has been waited quite a bit now. Since my husband’s office moved to Union Square neighborhood, it has been quite fun to hang out around.  Before they move to there, I always thought union square and near neighborhood is total mess. I realize If you walk around a little bit you recognize how cute some of the places all around the neighborhood. Nice coffee shops, second hand jewelry stores, cute Italian restaurants… I both love East Village and Greenwich Village and we are in the middle of both. I love Strand Books just across the street. I love this little coffee shop called Mad Men Espresso in University Place. (whenever I see this word, I want to say “platz” which is same thing but in German.It is my weird thing comes from my German year in collage)

This is the reason of my recent pictures are all of this places!

Moreover I am planning to attend NYU Business School for next year, it is going to be so much fun.. yaaayyy!

skirt polka dot

My skirt is from Zara’s recent sale, so do espadrilles. But my shirt is the oldest piece in my wardrobe! She is 13 years old this year. Never getting older and always fabulous!



Shirt: Twist (old)
Espadrilles: Zara 
Skirt: Zara
Bag: Calvin Klein (similar here)